How do I include quality requirements in the contract on Alibaba?

First, negotiate and confirm the quality requirements with your supplier. These quality requirements should be measurable and actionable. They will be used by the third-party inspection company to

How do I modify my Trade Assurance order on Alibaba?

If you wish to modify the Trade Assurance order, please contact your supplier and try to reach agreement first. Whether the order can be modified or not depends on the order status. 1) F

How do I manage my orders on Alibaba?

Please sign into My Alibaba- Orders- All Orders to view and manage your Trade Assurance orders.

How do I cancel a Trade Assurance order on Alibaba?

Whether the order can be cancelled or not depends on the order status. 1) For unpaid orders Please go to All Orders, click Cancel Order button on the order detail page to cancel the order

How to check Trade Assurance order status on Alibaba?

Go to orders All Orders to check the order status on the order list page. You can also find the order status by going to the order details page.

Which shipping method I can choose for my Trade Assurance order on Alibaba?

Currently Express/ Sea freight (to door or to port)/ Air freight (to door or to port)/ Land freight/ Postal are supported by Trade Assurance order. Please negotiate with your supplier and select t

How are air shipping rates determined?

When calculating air freight rates, airlines typically look at two factors: 1. Actual weight of cargo. 2. Volumetric weight (dimensional weight). A shipments dimensional weight is calculated b

How do I find my bill of lading (air waybill) on Alibaba?

You can view your bill of lading in the shipment detail overview page of your logistics orders. To view your shipment detail overview page, log in to your My Alibaba Account and from the lefthand

What is an air waybill?

A bill of lading (BL or BoL) is a legal document issued by a carrier (freight forwarder) to a shipper (the buyer) that details the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being carried. A bil