How can I measure the performance of my Store on Amazon?

by USA Answers Aug 25, 2020


The Stores insights dashboard provides you with daily and aggregate views of your Store's performance. Metrics by traffic source and by page are available, including:

  • Daily visitors: Total unique users or devices that viewed one or more pages on your Store in a single day.
  • Views: Number of page views during this time period. Includes repeat views.
  • Sales: Estimated total sales generated by Store visitors within 14 days of their last visit. Units and sales data are only available as of December 25, 2017.
  • Units sold: Estimated total units purchased by store visitors within 14 days of their last visit.
  • Views/Visitor: Average number of unique pages viewed by a daily visitor to your Store.

You can access analytics from the store builder, or from the Stores main page.



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