Stop needless video calls, reduce browsing- Telcos Chamber to Ghanaians

by Around Ghana Apr 03, 2020

The Telecommunications Chamber urges Ghanaians to be informed by the way they use mobile Internet data, while they remain at home in line with the COVID-19 outbreak lockdown directives.

Among other similar appeals, the Chamber has indicated that people must stop unwanted video calls and also reduce the amount of data they use during online rush hours such as 9 am and 11 am and 7 pm and 11 pm.

In a 10-point policy paper, the House recommended conformity to what it terms "ten commandments" for the use of the internet or data during the COVID-19 timeframe.

This suggested that the recommendations would encourage telcos to meet the requirements of skilled office teams and people who conduct distance learning while at home.

'Evite the use of electronic entertainment facilities during the rush hours of internet traffic (9am-11am and 7pm-11pm) to allow telecommunications networks to meet the most challenging needs of networking apps, skilled office collaboration and distance learning, which are crucial to a large number of Ghanaian people and companies and vital to the functioning of the economy as a whole. When you use a provider like Netflix, YouTube can reduce the consistency of videos from good to normal to preserve bandwidth, "stated the Chamber.

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