The argument about the Black Stars Captain's bracelet is unnecessary – Richard Kingson

by sports world Jun 16, 2020

The former Blackpool goalkeeper expressed his bewilderment at the arguments from players over who should lead the senior national team, stressing on his conviction that it is ‘just an armband’ and arguments over it causes destruction.

The 42-year-old, who led the team as skipper in the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, hammered in an exclusive interview on scopenew Link on the fact that the armband does not result in a higher salary or bonus in the team.

“Sometimes I feel bad and I say ‘why are you fighting on this?’ It is just to differentiate you from us. It is the performance that matters. You can be the captain and sit on the bench,” he told Nathaniel Attoh.

“With this captain’s armband, you don’t take more than anybody [in the Black Stars] in terms of salary and winning bonus. I don’t see the reason why people fight over it. It causes destruction.”

The former Great Olympics goalie used himself as an example of sacrifice on the subject of captaincy. He recounted his reaction to the day Stephen Appiah was awarded the armband over him.

“We were having a meeting and Appiah was called as a captain and he got up and told them that, I should be the captain because I was the most senior player and I tapped him and said that I will support him.”

Richard Kingson made 90 appearances for the Black Stars.

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