10 Reasons Why Your Phone Battery Drains Faster Than Usual

When your phone’s battery drains quicker than normal, you’re undoubtedly annoyed. It might be difficult to remain in touch with friends and family if you’re always on the move, especially when that irritating low battery alert pops up every few hours. Your battery is draining quicker than normal, which is a typical problem. There are a number of causes for this, and we’ll go through a few of them in depth below so you can diagnose and remedy the problem.

1. Battery Is Old And Needs To Be Replaced

Today’s smartphones have far greater battery life than prior versions, but they do have a limited lifespan. The more you use your phone and charge it, the faster the battery dies out. When your smartphone reaches the point where you need to replace it with newer technology or features, consider replacing the battery while you’re at it to avoid service interruptions. It’s the easiest answer to a potentially more difficult situation.

2. No Battery Saver Apps Installed

Your phone is working harder than it needs to if you aren’t utilizing any battery-saving apps. These apps help you save energy by shutting down or restricting background activities that might drain your battery. Even if you only use one of these apps infrequently, it is always a smart option to have one loaded. Fortunately, top energy saver applications may be freely downloaded for free from .

3. Phone Is Overheating

Smartphones consume a lot of energy to run software, play games, and conduct other things that demand a lot of processing power. If you have an 8-year-old phone with the same battery as when you got it, you’ll rapidly run out of juice since your phone can’t manage all of the latest social networking and entertainment apps. Furthermore, playing graphics-intensive video games on this sort of obsolete technology may deplete your battery considerably more quickly than usual. This is why most iPhone customers complain about their batteries dying after upgrading to iOS – previous versions weren’t designed for today’s operating system.

4. Batteries Are Overheating

If your phone starts to heat up when you use particular applications or when you don’t anticipate them to work hard at all during the day, it might be a sign of an overheating problem. It may appear that simply sealing a vent hole will cure the problem instantly; unfortunately, this is not the case. Your phone is overheating because it is working extremely hard to process your commands and transport data over the network at the same time.

5. Location Services Are Turned On

When your phone is continually trying to monitor your location, it might drain the battery. Make sure location services are switched off in the Settings menu if you’re not utilizing them for anything particular. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios are the same way; if you’re not using them, switch them off.

6. Apps Are Running in the Background

Apps that run in the background, even while they’re not being used, are another typical battery drainer. Even if you aren’t using an app right now, it might be operating in the background and using precious resources. Go to Settings > General > Usage to check which applications are consuming your battery. This will provide a list of all of your apps along with how much power they are using. When you tap on an app, you’ll get more information about it, including which apps are consuming the most energy. You may then close or uninstall any apps that are consuming too much power.

7. Your Device Is Old

The batteries in older models tend to degrade more quickly. It’s critical to keep your smartphone up to date with the newest software upgrades since they typically offer battery life enhancements. If your gadget is more than two years old, it may be time to replace it with a newer one.

8. Your Battery Has Fallen Victim to Physical Damage

Due to the obvious internal damage, your battery may be draining power faster than usual if it has been physically damaged. This might indicate that the battery has minor cracks or has suffered additional hardware damage as a result of drops or spills.

9. You’re In an Area With No Service

While this will not drain your phone’s battery, you will be unable to make calls or send texts if your device requires such services for its primary function. Whether you’re in an area with bad coverage or don’t have any cell service at all, make sure you have access to Wi-Fi so you can send messages via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as necessary.

10. Brightness Level Is Too High

The brightness of your screen has an impact on how quickly your battery drains. It will use more power and deplete your battery faster if you have your brightness all the way up. Check to see whether bringing down the brightness a notch or two affects how long your phone lasts on a charge.


To summarize, there are a variety of reasons why your phone’s battery drains faster than usual. Nevertheless, by following the advice in this article, you may assist in identifying and resolving the issue, allowing you to stay more connected to the people and things that are important to you.

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