13 Comic Book Themed Wedding Ideas

Ruby McKenzie
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There once was a time when comic books were lame. They were the antithesis of cool, and you were uncool for reading them. That ship has sailed, friend. Did you slog through middle school being ridiculed for loving Iron Man? Did you realize recently that comic books are, in fact, cool? However, you got here, you have discovered one universal truth: comic books are cool.

Armed with this knowledge, your next question may be, “How do I integrate my love for comics into my wedding?” Luckily, generations of self-professed nerds have done the heavy lifting for you.

Put a Ring on It

Yes, we get it. You’re marrying your fiancé, not your comics. Is that an option? Could you do that instead? We’re getting off track here. While you cannot legally marry a comic book (we’re pretty sure), you can wear DC comics wedding bands instead. That’s probably a better option anyway. If you’re not ready to make that kind of commitment, you can still look for rings that pick up the theme and colors of your favorite comics. Solid compromise.


It may cost you a pretty penny, but you can get custom comic book themed clothing to wear on your wedding day. “When will I wear this again?” you may ask yourself. “Shut up, it’s awesome,” you may answer. Do you need a suit where the lining has classic comics in it? No. Is it cool as hell? Absolutely.


Okay, maybe making your wedding suit or dress superhero-themed is a bit much. If you’re looking to scale back just a bit, accessorize with your favorite superheroes! Custom boutonnieres or corsages are a happy medium between full outfit and leaving your nerd love at home.

Table Settings

Theme your whole dang table this way. From your centerpieces to your napkins, take on the colors and styles of iconic comic book characters. Got a specific comic you like more than anything in the world? If you’re here, we’re guessing you do. Go custom on anything and everything to bring that love to life.


We aren’t saying put the super soldier serum in your cocktails, though that would make for one hell of a wedding reception. If you work with a pro bartender, they’ll likely be happy to make up some cocktails on the superhero theme you’re going for. Even if the only custom thing is a fun name like “Captain Marvel Manhattan” or what have you, it’s still a simple and fun way to theme your celebration.

Wedding Cake

This is probably the most classic way of going about it. You’ll find plenty of wedding cake bakers willing to take on the challenge of your Dr. Strange cake. Get creative and have fun with this one! Just know that you cannot frame it and keep it for years — the art must be eaten.


Wrap those flowers in comics. Heck, make the flowers out of comics (they won’t need to be kept in water – that’s a win-win). A custom bouquet (or just wrapping) is a simple way to add a ton of personality to your wedding. New York Times Crossword, anyone?

Get the Wedding Party in on It

This is like the attire one but dialed up a notch. Got a band of comic book loving friends? Let’s hope so. Gear up the whole squad in themed attire. Whether you take on the colors, go for fun socks or show up in a full batsuit, treat yo self! Make sure to get them a nice gift as a thank you!

Don’t Just Leave It to the Wedding Party

Your six-year-old nephew might think it’s cool that he gets to be a ring bearer. He might think you’re the coolest uncle ever if you let him be the ring bearer dressed as Superman. If you want to win brownie points forever, let your ring bearer, flower girls or anyone else playing a role in your wedding dress up on theme if they like.


If you’ve got the upper body strength to flip upside down and do the iconic Spiderman kiss, then go for it! If not, no worries. Neither do we. Get as creative as you’d like and act out your favorite panels of your favorite comics. As a bonus, print them both out and display them next to each other prominently in your home.

The Officiant

You haven’t always dreamt about Batman officiating your wedding? Weird. If you have, that dream can be a reality! We admit it’s probably only for the most hardcore comic fans, but they definitely exist. If you look up “superhero wedding officiant,” you’ll be surprised at the number of options you find.

Entrance Theme

I’m sure there’s some ordinance that prevents you from bringing a giant spotlight into your reception venue. Full-sized bat signal is probably not an option. However, there are plenty of other ways to include comic references in your wedding reception entrance. Come through a comic book skyline banner, play some theme music or swing in on a web (at your own risk). Do something your reception guests will never forget!

Wedding Invites

This one is probably just a courtesy. If your guests don’t know your wedding is DC comic themed, it might be startling when they arrive. Show off your comic love in your wedding invites. Establish a theme early on so your guests know what to expect and can get in on the fun!

Whatever you do, don’t feel like you have to force the theme. Lean in as much or as little as you’d like. Whatever amount of comic book fandom will show off your unique personality and interests is the right choice to make.

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