5 External Home Features That Add Quirk and Value

Ruby McKenzie
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In 2023, if you were to walk down a street in Chicago or Bronson, you would likely see the same thing time and time again. Row after row of houses that all look alike or even eerily similar. Not only is this seen as necessary by many to keep the value of their homes up, but it is also seen as vital for the uniformity of the street. 

Now, if you are like a lot of people, you may want to add quirk to your home while also ensuring that it keeps its value, and you’re in luck! There are many external features you can add to your home to make it stand out, which will add dollars to the selling cost, so read on to discover more about the popular ones in 2023!


Who doesn’t like going past a house and seeing shutters? While most people associate shutters with an older look, if you add a touch of paint to them or invest in one of the many kinds (plantation, board and batten, louvered shutters, raised panel shutters, or Bahama shutters), you will be sure to find a unique look for your home. Also, while they are undoubtedly quirky if they are fitted by a professional, shutters can certainly add value to your home. So, head to https://www.shuttersup.co.uk/regions/shutters-in-essex to get an idea of which kind will best suit your home.

Unique Front Door

The front door is undoubtedly the focal point of the home’s exterior and is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. A unique front door can add character and charm to your property. Consider opting for a bold color or an unusual material, such as glass or metal, for added interest. A distinctive door can make a statement, drawing attention to the property and adding value.

Outdoor Seating Area

Outdoor living spaces have become important in recent times, and an outdoor seating area at the front of your home is an effective way to add quirk and value to your property. Adding driveway resurfacing services in Brisbane to your outdoor space, whether it’s a patio, deck, or dedicated seating area, can create an ideal spot for entertaining guests, enjoying nature, or relaxing. Adding an outdoor seating area can make the property more functional and attractive, which can increase its value. Why not go one stage further, and opt for seating in a brighter-than-average color? As long as it fits with the home’s decor, it should be fine!

Unique Siding

The siding of a home can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic appeal. Choosing a unique siding material, such as cedar shingles, stucco, or stone, can add character and personality to the property. Different siding options can provide additional benefits, such as increasing your home’s energy efficiency, durability, and ease of maintenance. Unique siding can also increase the home’s curb appeal and value.


Landscaping is a vital external home feature that adds charm and character to the property. Adding trees, shrubs, and flowers to the front of your home can create a striking outdoor area. A well-landscaped yard can increase the property’s value and appeal to potential buyers, making it a worthwhile investment. That is, of course, not to say that all of your shrubs or bushes have to be uniform; why not opt for a professional trimmer to come to your home and cut them into the shape of a bird, a dog, or even a unicorn?

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