5 Surprising Benefits of Owning a Replica Lightsaber: From Stress Relief to Fitness

For a die-hard Star Wars fan, a replica lightsaber is a lot more than a toy; it is a tangible representation of one of the most iconic symbols of the franchise that they love so much. Owning a replica lightsaber also comes with a host of benefits, such as bragging rights, customisation, completing a Star Wars collection, and being an excellent display piece.

However, there are other benefits of owning a replica lightsaber that you probably didn’t know about, and below are some of them.

Stress Relief

It may not seem like it, but owning a replica lightsaber can help you relieve stress. By following the path of the Jedi, you get to maintain inner calm and let go of stress. Practice mindfulness meditation regularly in order to give yourself a relaxed and capable mind for wielding your replica lightsaber.


Did you know that there are Star Wars-themed workouts and Jedi workouts that you can participate in with your replica lightsaber? Lightsaber dueling is a great workout in itself. The various movements of kicking, swinging, jumping, and turning involved in lightsaber combat are quite similar to martial arts. So, like most physical activities, lightsaber dueling can be used as a form of exercise.

An added benefit here is that with lightsaber dueling, you get to re-enact your favourite Star Wars battle scenes while keeping fit at the same time.

Authentic Cosplay

The lightsaber is a well-known prop around Star Wars fan circles and outside the fandom, so it makes sense that without it, your Star Wars cosplay won’t be complete. To put it simply, you need a good quality replica lightsaber to fully embody your cosplay character and how they are depicted in Star Wars movies. Every last detail (including the lightsaber) will have to be mimicked correctly.

Valuable Investments

You may not know this, but owning replica Star Wars lightsabers can be a good investment. The Star Wars franchise is an important part of pop culture that has continued to inspire a new generation of fans with several ongoing and upcoming projects. This means that the rare and limited-edition replica lightsaber you own today may have a higher resale value in the future. This, of course, providing that the lightsaber remains in pristine condition.

To get Your Hands on Your Favourites

If you’re looking to connect with your favourite characters from the franchise, wielding a replica neopixel lightsaber is as close as you’re going to get. For example, if you find yourself resonating with Anakin Skywalker and his struggles, getting yourself a replica of his lightsaber can be a way for you to connect with him.

You may not want to collect each and every kind of lightsaber from the franchise, but it can be great to own the lightsabers of your favourite characters.


As a true fan of Star Wars, a replica lightsaber is a must-have for your collection. In addition to showing your love and dedication to the franchise, you stand to enjoy a host of other benefits from owning one.