7 Best Online Live Casino Games for 2024 to Play on Khelostar

In the ever-changing world of online fun, more and more users in India are getting hooked on live casino games. The online betting industry is booming, with an impressive 15% growth, and the main reason behind it is the chance to make some extra cash and the excitement of playing cool games. These are the two big reasons why Indians are diving into these games.

Khelostar is riding this wave and has become super popular by giving users what they want – the chance to have fun and win big prizes with cool cashback offers. With over 3000 casino games, Khelostar is a top pick for many.

In this blog, we will dig into the world of gaming on Khelostar and spill the beans on the seven best live casino games to play in 2024. These games aren’t just for fun; they’re also packed with chances to make a good amouont of money. Stick around as we explore the exciting world of online live casino gaming on Khelostar and discover how it can bring you both thrills and cash!

1. Teen Patti

Teen Patti, also known as Indian poker, holds a special place in the hearts of many Indians. Traditionally played during the vibrant Diwali celebrations and cherished as a favorite pastime in days gone by, this engaging card game has stood the test of time. Its charm has remained, and in the world of online live casino games, Teen Patti takes centre stage with significant winning opportunities.

This game, a perfect fusion of skill and luck, has various versions available on Khelostar, catering to diverse preferences such as Teen Patti 20-20, One Day Teen Patti, Live Teen Patti and more. Among all these versions of teen patti on Khelostar, the Live Teen Patti game is the most rewarding. What makes it even more thrilling on Khelostar is the opportunity to engage in live chats with the dealer, ensuring a fair play environment and enhancing your chances of winning.

2. Andar Bahar

Moving onto our second feature, Andar Bahar takes the spotlight as another thrilling live casino game on Khelostar. Originating from the southern parts of India, this game has transcended regional boundaries to become a favorite among online gamers.

The rules of Andar Bahar are easy to learn. A single deck of cards is used, and players simply bet on whether a chosen card will land on the “Andar” (left) or “Bahar” (right) side of the table. The suspense builds as the dealer reveals cards one by one until a match is made.

What makes Andar Bahar truly exciting is the potential for big wins. The game’s simplicity doesn’t diminish its winning potential, and players can strategize their bets for optimal outcomes. The anticipation and quick pace keep the adrenaline pumping, making it a must-try for those seeking both excitement and attractive returns.

On Khelostar, Andar Bahar is offered in various versions by top gaming providers like XPG, Evolution, and more. While the patterns remain similar, each version introduces subtle variations, enhancing the thrill and providing multiple opportunities for big wins. 

3. Roulette

Roulette has been a favorite among casino enthusiasts for centuries. The rules of Roulette are elegantly simple. A small ball is dropped onto a spinning wheel divided into numbered and colored pockets. Players place bets on where they think the ball will land. The anticipation builds as the wheel slows down, and the ball settles into one of the pockets. The thrill of hitting the right number or color is unmatched in the world of casino gaming.

To maximize your chances of winning big in Roulette, it’s essential to understand the betting options. Players can place bets on specific numbers, ranges of numbers, red or black colors, and even or odd numbers. The odds of winning depend on the type of bet, with straight-up bets (placing chips on a single number) having higher potential payouts but lower odds.

On Khelostar, the Roulette experience is elevated with the offering of games that boast the highest odds and, in some cases, minimal or no house edge. This means players have a better chance of enhancing their winnings. The platform provides a variety of options to cater to different preferences, ensuring an immersive and rewarding Roulette experience.

As we explore further into the realm of live casino gaming on Khelostar, Roulette stands as a testament to the platform’s commitment to offering not only entertainment but also opportunities for substantial wins. Stay tuned for more insights into the diverse array of games awaiting you in 2024.

4. Blackjack

Securing the fourth spot on our list of the best online live casino games on Khelostar is the ever-popular Blackjack. Renowned for its strategic gameplay and favorable odds, Blackjack stands as a top choice for enthusiasts seeking a game that combines skill and excitement.

Often considered one of the best odds games, Blackjack involves players competing against the dealer to reach a hand value as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. The game is played with one or more decks of cards, and each card carries a point value. The objective is to outscore the dealer without going over the magic number – 21.

The odds of winning in Blackjack are influenced by various factors, including the player’s strategy, the number of decks in play, and specific rules of the game. While the house edge in Blackjack is generally low compared to other casino games, players can further improve their odds by employing strategic decision-making, such as knowing when to hit, stand, double down, or split.

Khelostar, recognizing the popularity and appeal of Blackjack, ensures that players have access to an array of live Blackjack games with diverse features. The platform’s commitment to providing an optimal gaming experience extends to Blackjack, offering favorable odds for players looking to engage in a game that combines skill, strategy, and the potential for substantial wins.

5. 777 Vegas:

However, 777 Vegas is the Slot game, but still considered the most profitable game and it is played as the first choice by many batters. What makes it truly exceptional is its impressive Return to Player (RTP) value of 96.8%, surpassing the average for slot games.

On the Khelostar betting site, the excitement of 777 Vegas awaits with a mere INR 10, offering the potential to win up to 100 times your initial bet. The accessibility of this game makes it an attractive option for players looking for both entertainment and the chance to score significant wins.

777 Vegas introduces a variety of symbols that add to the thrill of each spin. With 20 different patterns to explore, the goal is to land at least one pattern during the spin. Each of the 20 patterns presents a unique opportunity to win big, depending on the specific pattern and symbol obtained.

As the first on our list of online slots, 777 Vegas promises a captivating blend of simplicity, tradition, and a high RTP, making it a top choice for fans of online slots. Dive into the world of 777 Vegas on Khelostar, where the reels await your spin for a chance to experience the excitement and potential rewards that this classic game has to offer.

6. Dragon Tiger:

Dragon Tiger is another popular game in live casino gaming market. This fast-paced card game is a testament to simplicity and excitement, making it a favourite among players looking for a quick adrenaline rush.

In Dragon Tiger, two cards are dealt – one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger. Players then bet on which card will be higher or whether the result will be a tie. The game’s straightforward nature makes it accessible to both newcomers and regular players. The quick resolution of each round adds to the thrill, making Dragon Tiger an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic gaming experience.

Khelostar presents a range of Dragon Tiger games, each offering unique features and betting options. The platform ensures that players have the opportunity to explore variations of Dragon Tiger, enhancing their chances of finding the perfect fit for their preferences. With live dealers and engaging gameplay, Dragon Tiger on Khelostar is set to deliver both entertainment and the potential for significant wins.

7. Poker:

We are closing our list with a game that needs a little introduction – Poker. As one of the most iconic and strategic card games, Poker has transcended the boundaries of casinos to become a global phenomenon. Khelostar recognizes the timeless appeal of Poker and offers a diverse selection of live Poker games to cater to fans.

The rules of Poker vary across different versions, but the core principle remains the same – creating the best hand to win. Whether it’s Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or other popular variants, Khelostar ensures that players have access to live Poker tables with professional dealers, adding an authentic touch to the online gaming experience.

Poker’s fun lies not only in its strategic gameplay but also in the psychological aspects of bluffing and reading opponents. Khelostar provides a platform for players to hone their Poker skills and engage in thrilling competitions with fellow fans. With the potential for substantial winnings and the camaraderie of live games, Poker on Khelostar is a fitting finale to our exploration of the best online live casino games in 2024.


All the games mentioned in the above list are highly popular on the Khelostar site and offer substantial winnings to players. From Teen Patti to Poker, there’s something for every type of player. If you’re interested in trying any of these games, you can check out Khelostar, one of the best casino sites. Begin your gaming journey with a 100% welcome casino bonus and 5 free spins.


Q. 1: Which are the best online live casino games for maximum winning?

Ans: Teen Patti, Roulette, Poker, and Blackjack are some of the best online live casinos that offer high returns to the players. 

Q. 2: Why is Khelostar the best online casino gaming brand in India?

Ans: Khelostar stands out as India’s top online casino gaming brand for several reasons. It offers a diverse selection of popular games, ensuring there’s something for every player. With a reputation for delivering substantial winnings, a user-friendly interface, and attractive bonuses like a 100% welcome casino bonus and 5 free spins, Khelostar provides an unmatched gaming experience.

Q. 3: How can I start my gaming journey on Khelostar?

Ans: Starting your gaming journey on Khelostar is easy. Simply sign up on the platform, and you’ll be eligible for a 100% welcome casino bonus along with 5 free spins. Explore the wide range of popular games mentioned in our list and dive into the thrilling world of online live casino gaming.

Q. 4: What makes live casino gaming on Khelostar different from other platforms?Ans: Khelostar distinguishes itself by offering an immersive live casino gaming experience with top-tier games and live dealers. The platform’s commitment to providing a fair and enjoyable gaming environment, coupled with enticing bonuses, sets it apart, making it a preferred choice for Indian players.

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