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8 Castles around the world you can actually get married in!

A castle wedding can be a dream come true for many couples – especially one looking for a magical, royal event. The grandeur and history of these types of structures make them the perfect setting for a fairytale-inspired wedding as well. Which ones, however, actually allow you to get married? Take a look at these 8 castles around the world where you can tie the knot.

1.  Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany

This 19th-century castle is located in the Bavarian Alps and is often referred to as the “Disney Castle” due to its resemblance to the castle in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”. If you’re looking for a venue for a fairy tale wedding, you’ll find no better place than Neuschwanstein’s Castle ceremony room or the courtyard.

2.  Bran Castle, Romania

You’ve definitely heard the famous legend of Count Dracula – or watched one of the many movies based on the story. The actual Dracula’s Castle is located in Transylvania, Romania, and is named Bran Castle. The castle boasts a unique architecture and plenty of historical value – in addition to the mysterious charm added by the legend surrounding it. Just imagine how cool having a Dracula’s Castle wedding would be like!

3.  Belvedere Palace, Austria

If you’re looking for something grand and elegant, this 18th-century palace located in Vienna will be the perfect setting for your special day. The castle is filled with gorgeous frescoes and bright chandeliers, and features breathtaking gardens where you can relax in a peaceful atmosphere. You can exchange your vows in the palace’s grand hall, or in the gardens surrounding the palace.

4.  Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

This medieval castle is located in the heart of Edinburgh, offering a dramatic and historic setting for your wedding. The castle’s Great Hall and chapel are open for couples looking to have their wedding at a historical spot, filled with beautiful interiors and stunning views of the surrounding city.

5.  Château de Chambord, France

Located in the Loire Valley, this 16th-century castle is one of the most amazing constructions of the Renaissance in the world. Chambord is a gorgeous castle co-designed by Leonardo da Vinci, created to leave a lasting impression on all visitors. Visit 18th century kitchens, the royal dwelling, castle’s terraces, and the breathtaking surrounding gardens, and host your wedding day at the grand hall.

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