A Guide to Keeping Your Restaurant Business on the Right Side of the Law

It might have been your dream to open up your own restaurant and to serve delicious food to willing customers. However, it is not as simple as simply purchasing a kitchen and cooking unique and tasty dishes. Instead, it is important that you are aware of the laws surrounding restaurant businesses and that you are able to keep your own company as compliant as possible throughout the lunch and dinner service every day. Therefore, here is a guide that may be able to help you keep your business on the right side of the law in 2023 and beyond.

Get an Alcohol Compliance Attorney

The majority of restaurants in the United States serve alcohol with meals—especially if they are open in the evening. However, it is not possible to simply serve alcohol on your premises, and you will need a license to be able to do this.

Sometimes, though, matters become more complex. If this is the case, you might consider hiring a specialist California alcohol beverage compliance attorney. They will be able to use their knowledge to guide you through every single step that you need to take to meet regulations and they will be able to help you to understand the rules and laws that govern you and the other restaurant businesses like yours.

This will enable you to be confident when it comes to compliance and to prevent any possible fines that may end up coming your way if you happen to break laws that you might not even have known about or properly recognized.

Pass All Your Inspections

It is likely that your restaurant will have to endure regular inspections to ensure that it is healthy and safe for your customers to eat in, and for your team to work within. It is therefore important that you are prepared for these inspections and that you know what to expect. For instance, you should make sure that your surfaces are clean and that your utensils and your food products are stored correctly and safely—with clear labeling.

You should also make sure that your employees are skilled, work in a safe manner, and have the appropriate training that they need to cook stellar food that can be consumed and that will not make your visitors ill. By doing this, you will avoid being shut down and you won’t receiving a rating that might put off guests from visiting your business.

Think About Health and Safety

Health and safety are vital in the restaurant business as your employees are constantly handling sharp objects and potentially dangerous equipment—and there is always the added risk of food poisoning and bacteria.

You should make sure that food is checked before it is sent out and that thermometers are used to determine whether the food is fully cooked. You should prepare meat and vegetables (as well as foods that are possible allergens) separately, and you must have a rigorous cleaning routine at all times.

It is also important to limit infection in your kitchen and to provide sick pay for your employees in order to prevent your customers from coming down with a virus after eating at your restaurant.

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