Alexa Tomas Bio, Age, Height, Facial, Net Worth, Wiki, Videos, Pics and Boyfriend

Check out Alexa Tomas, one of the hottest models on PH and Onlyfans! She’s absolutely slaying it on social media too! 🔥💯 This talented artist slays both solo and alongside the biggest names in the biz! Plus, her range is seriously impressive. This stunning model hails all the way from Spain.


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Alexa Tomas Wiki

Real Name / UsernameAlexa Tomas
Date of birth19th March, 1985

Physical Appearance

Height5 ft 7
Weight123 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown

Her Interests and Hobbies

Obsessed with all things nature, laughing, hiking, adventuring, working out, and cuddling with pups! Capturing life’s precious moments through her lens and sharing them on her Insta feed is her ultimate passion. 🌿🐾💪🏼 #NatureLover #HikingAdventures #FitnessJunkie #DogMom #Instagrammer OMG, have you checked out her IG lately? She’s been sharing the cutest throwback travel pics that are giving me major wanderlust vibes! 🐶✈️ #travelgoals

What is Alexa Tomas Net Worth?

Check out Alexa Tomas, the stunning adult model who’s absolutely killing it on Onlyfans, PH, and Fansly! She’s making a serious income doing what she loves, and inspiring others to do the same. #bossbabe #model #influencer #onlyfans #PH #fansly. I Just found out that her net worth for 2023 is estimated to be between $500K to $600k USD! 😱💰 #goals #wealth #success. One of the most frequently asked questions by Alexa Tomas’ followers is: “What’s her net worth?” 💰🤔 This is a crucial inquiry when followers are curious about the level of opulence their beloved celebrity possesses.

What is the Height and Weight of Alexa Tomas?

Check out this gorgeous babe standing tall at 5 ft 7 with a weight of 123 lbs, let me tell you, this girl has some serious self-control! 💪🏼 #fitspo #healthylifestyle #BodyGoals #FitnessJourney.

Alexa Tomas Husband

According to her PH profile, it seems that she’s currently embracing the single life. As of now, we’re sticking with that info until we see any updates on social media. #StayInformed #SocialMediaUpdate

Social Media

This social media maven is all about connecting with her followers and spreading positivity. She loves engaging with her fan base and feels so grateful for their support!

View her comment below;

OMG, can’t believe I already have good number followers on my Instagram account that I just launched in June 2022! And my Twitter fam is also growing strong. Thank you all for your amazing support! ❤️ #blessed #grateful #socialmediaqueen Check out the table below to see all the amazing social media platforms I’m available on! 💻📱 #socialmedia #connectwithme


Frequently Questions Asked about Alexa Tomas

What is the Age of Alexa Tomas?

Her date of birth is not known.

What is the Net Worth of Alexa Tomas?

She is worth an amount of $500,000 to $600,000. this is largely because of the kind of job she does and the duration of time she has been doing it. 

Is Alexa Tomas still alive?

Yes, as far as we know, she is still alive

Where was Alexa Tomas born?

Her place of birth is Spain

Is Alexa Tomas Dating or Married?

Her relationship status is “Single”.

What is Alexa Tomas Boyfriend or Fiancé name?

Just like you, we are also wondering the name of her boyfriend or partner could be, we will however up you here as soon as we get to know her boyfriend’s name.

What is Alexa Tomas Real name?

We assume her real name is unknown yet.

What is Alexa Tomas Twitter?

Her verified Twitter account is @AlexaTomas_x

What is Alexa Tomas Onlyfans Account?

Her Onlyfans account is @alexatomasx

What is Alexa Tomas Instagram?

Her verified Instagram account is alexatomas_official