All facts about Lily Pino Biography, Age, Net Worth, Family, Relationship

Lily Pino is an American former actress. Lily Pino is famous for being the wife of famous Latino actor Danny Pino who has been on popular shows like Law & Order and Cold Case. Likewise, the couple is blessed with two children.

Early Life and Childhood

Lily Pino was born in the year 1975 in Miami, Florida, United States. She is an American citizen. She is a 47year-old woman. Lilly Pino Bernal is her full name.

The parents’ names and contact information are currently unavailable. Similarly, there is no information on her other family members, such as her siblings, cousins, or any other relatives, till now. She has also never discussed her parents, siblings, or childhood in an interview. Because of her seclusion, the media is unaware of this information. She has also never spoken to the media about her upbringing. Furthermore, her present connection with her parents is not public knowledge, but her supporters hope they are wonderful grandparents to her children.

She attended Rockway Middle School for her educational background and qualifications. She also maintains strong ties to FIU, where she attended college. Similarly, she and her husband, Danny, attend all of their college reunions.

Career and Professional Life

Lily Pino Bernal has had a number of outstanding acting performances in theater shows. She preferred performing on stage than appearing on TV. She may also build an intimate relationship with the audience as a stage actor. She even appreciated the immediate response she receives when performing in front of an audience. What kept her continuing and pushing in her performances were the expressions she saw in the audience.

She had always aspired to be an actor. She is well-known for her performance as Rosa’s mother in the 2006 film Rosa. She had numerous other roles and credits as well, but her best performances were on stage. She has a long array of short films and theater productions on her resume. She began her acting career as a member of the New York University Creative Arts team. Her best-known works include The Getty and Shim Chong. She also traveled the country with the National Theatre of America as Rosina in Barber of Seville.

She is also interested in music, in addition to acting. She even composed and featured in the Los Angeles film Madrugada. She gave up her acting profession after marrying and became a full-time mother to her children. She also quit pursuing her career because she didn’t want to spend too much time away from her family due to her touring commitments.

After her marriage to Danny, she eventually faded from the media spotlight. Apart from her historic marriage, there is now very little information available regarding her current life. She was also a part of a number of national tours.

Relationship Status

For a long time, Lily Pin Bernal dated Danny Pino, a well-known American actor. They tied the knot in February 2002. They met at Rockway Middle School, when they were both students. They also ended up attending the same college. However, because they attended different high schools, there was a gap in their common schools.

The couple has two children, and she is overjoyed to be able to establish a family with the man she adores. Similarly, she gave up her acting career to devote her time to her family. Pino concluded that her husband, Danny, was the most likely to earn money for the family. In addition, both the couple believed that having her raise the children would be a superior plan.

Furthermore, the couple did not want to hire a nanny who would spend the most of their time with the children. They also shared the desire for their children to know their parents as they grew up. Furthermore, there is very little publicly available information regarding her children and family. She keeps her love life and her children away from the media to safeguard their privacy, just as she has kept her family life quiet. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Danny Pino, and their children.

Body Measurements

Her height, weight, breast size, waist size, hip size, bicep size, and any other physical measures are unknown at this time, and all of these measurements are still being reviewed. Pino is also a brown-haired man with brown eyes.

Social Media and Net Worth

Lily Pino is quite active across all of her social media platforms. On Instagram, she has 1.8K followers, while on Twitter, she has 562 followers. She also has an Instagram account called “lillypinopublic” and joined Twitter in November of 2011.

Her net worth is $1.2 million, according to networthpost, and her acting career is her primary source of income.