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Born Ana Celia de Armas Caso is a Cuban-Spanish amazing and gifted actress who keeps wowing her audience with exceptional acting skills on the screens.  Her acting skills have earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

Young Ana grew up having to hooverize her food, and experience blackouts but still Ana recounts her childhood to be so joyful.  Ana’s true measure of happiness and joy has nothing to do with material possessions. Her love for acting grew when she started watching Hollywood movies in her neighbourhood’s apartment.

Wikipedia Summary

Name: Ana Celia de Armas Caso

Date of Birth:

Age: April 30th, 1988

Nationality: Spanish, Cuban

Net Worth: $4 million

Profession: Actress

Husband: Marc Clotet

Early life and nationality

Ana was born in Havana, Cuba, and brought up in the small city of Santa Cruz del Norte. In her childhood and adolescence, she had no access to the internet and had scanty knowledge of the famous culture beyond Cuba. She watched only watched “20 minutes of cartoons on Saturday and the Sunday movie matinee” because they did not have a “video or DVD player”. She used her mirror as a place of rehearsal where she was memorizing lines and practised monologues.

Her passion for acting made her parents enrol her in the National Theater School of Cuba. She abandoned the four-year drama course before she presented her final thesis. Cuban graduates are prohibited from departing the nation without finishing three years of compulsory service to the community. She left for Madrid at the age of 18 to chase after her acting dream with the assistance of her maternal grandparents. Ana has dual citizenship, she is Cuban-Spanish but lives and works in California.

Photos of Ana de Armas

A night I will never forget. Thank you everyone for your beautiful energy and support. Love!

Date of birth and age

April 30, 1988, is her date of birth making her 34 years. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.


At the age of 16, young Ana commenced her acting career by playing a character in the movie “Una rosa de Francia” which means Virgin Rose in 2006.

After her debut, she then had a character in the motion pictures El edén Perdido and then had a supporting character in Fernando Pérez’s Madrigal which was filmed at night without the consent of her school’s school instructors.

At the age of 18 years when she moved to Madrid, Ana played the characterized Carolina Leal Solís in the drama-thriller series, El Internado from 2007 to 2010.

She also got cast in the comedy Mentiras y Gordas after El Internado. Aside from the fame that came with her path in El Internado, she asked to be written out of the show in its second to last season mainly because she felt typecast.

She had her Hollywood breakthrough when in 2014 she relocated to Los Angeles. Her first Hollywood movie was Eli Roth’s erotic thriller Knock Knock. In this movie, she starred opposite Keanu Reeves. 

After the thriller, Reeves phoned Ana to request her appearance to feature in a Spanish-language character in the thriller daughter of God, which he produced and acted.

Producer Mark Downie believed the movie would shoot her to stardom in Hollywood but due to executive intervention, Daughter of God was edited plenty of times with Ana’s character reduced.

In 2016, the movie was eventually released as Exposed. Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter said that; “while she was “appealing” in her part, de Armas was unable to demonstrate her “character’s intense emotional demands.”

The beautiful actress landed a supporting character in War Dogs directed by Todd Phillips in 2016 playing the role of an arms dealer’s wife. In the biopic Hands of Stone, she starred opposite Édgar Ramírez as the wife of Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán in 2016. In the movie review,  Christy Lemire of expressed Ana as “a hugely charismatic presence. But except for a couple of showy moments, she gets little to do besides function as the dutiful wife”

In the thriller Blade directed by Denis Villeneuve,  Ana had a supporting character as Joi, the holographic AI girlfriend in Ryan Gosling’s role, blade runner. “She brings three-dimensional warmth to a character who is essentially a digital projection”, Said Mark Kermode of The Guardian in his description of her role in the movie. Meanwhile, Anthony Lane of The New Yorker thought her to be “wondrous”:  he mused; “Whenever Joi appears, the movie’s imaginative heart begins to race”.

In 2017,  she attained a supporting character in the action thriller Overdrive as the love interest to Scott Eastwood’s role.  In the movie review, Stephen Dalton of The Hollywood Reporter penned that she “radiates more kick-ass charisma than her thankless sidekick role might suggest.”

In John Hillcoat’s medical drama Corazón, Ana acted opposite Demián Bichir in 2018. In the short film, funded by Montefiore Medical Center to raise awareness of organ donation, she characterized a Dominican woman with heart failure in the short movie. 

In the 2019 romantic comedy Yesterday, Ana acted opposite Himesh Patel. In the film’s trailer, they were cut from the final product, Director Danny Boyle mentioned that Ana was “really radiant” in her scenes, but the introduction of a love triangle subplot did not test well with audiences”.

Ana’s character as an immigrant nurse in Rian Johnson’s murder mystery motion picture Knives Out in 2019, was largely lauded and noted as a breakthrough for the Cuban Spanish actress. When the script was presented to her, she felt perfunctory about the role she will play but later on realized that her character was “so much more than that”. Tom Shone of The Times noted, “The film’s standout performance comes from its least well-known member, the Cuban de Armas, who manages the difficult task of making goodness interesting”. 

Benjamin Lee of The Guardian reviewed that a “striking” performance left a “lasting impression”. The movie was a huge box-office success. Golden Globe Award-nominated Ana for Best Actress – Motion Picture Comedy or Musical . Her winning the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress and the National Board of Review Award for Best Cast with the cast.

The actress connected with Daniel Craig to act in No Time to Die directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga in 2021. The movie became a global success by grossing $774.2 million worldwide and receiving positive reviews.  

Ana played Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix biopic Blonde in 2022 based on the biographical fiction novel of the same name by Joyce Carol Oates. The director of the movie, Andrew Dominik noted the performance of Ana in Knock Knock. Therefore, while she went through the rigorous audition process, he secured her role.

Net worth

The actress is worth over $4 Million.


The name of Ana’s parents is Ramon de Armas and Ana Caso. Her father was a teacher while her mother worked in human resources. She grew up in Havana and has a brother, Javier now a New York-based photographer.

However, her maternal grandparents were Spanish, and she gained her Spanish citizenship through them.


Ana’s initial love relationship was with Marc Clotet. The loving duo walked down the aisle in 2011 and 2013, the marriage came to an end in divorce. The actress relocated to Los Angeles and was rumoured to have a thing with Franklin Latt in 2015.

Thereafter, in 2007, rumour flew around that the actress was dating Alejandro Piñeiro Bello.  Right after this, she was seen in the company of Ben Affleck often and it was confirmed in a report that the two were in love. They met while shooting Deep Water together and had even spent quarantine together. The couple broke up in January 2021.


5 feet 6 inches or 1.68 m


55 kg or 121 pounds

Social media accounts

Instagram: @ana_d_armas

Twitter: @anadearmasdaily


She graced the cover of the FHM Magazine Spanish edition in 2008. Ana de Armas has central heterochromia, which means she has green eyes with brown centres. Elvis is the name of her dog and she loves spending time with it.