Are Chihuahuas Really Tiny Dogs With a Big Bark?

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Chihuahuas have got quite the reputation for having shrill, incessant barks, but why do chihuahuas bark so much? Chihuahuas are adorable little creatures but their love for constantly barking can keep people at bay.

Chihuahuas bark more than your average dog. But what makes them yap away so much? And is there a way to stop this behavior?

Let’s find out!

Why Do Chihuahuas Bark So Much?

If you own a Chi or have even spent any time around one, the question of do Chihuahuas bark a lot won’t even enter your mind. Chihuahuas have a reputation for being loud. And if you want to resolve this issue, understanding why your dog is barking is very important.

High Levels of Energy

Chihuahuas are highly energetic, enthusiastic dogs and love being active. If they are not stimulated enough during the day, they get bored and will often spend all their energy barking continuously to get rid of their energy.

Playing with your Chihuahua or taking them for long walks can tire them out and utilize this energy in a fruitful way so they do not resort to barking.

Getting Attention

A Chihuahua dog barking too much may also be to get attention. Sometimes, it is for legitimate reasons such as asking to open a door or because they might be stuck or need food. They may also try to get your attention to tell you someone is approaching your front door or that a storm is coming.

But sometimes, it is just to get some attention. They may be seeking some form of affection in the form of cuddles or their favorite treat or toys, or they could simply be impatient to go out and play.

Feeling Uncomfortable/Vulnerable

Chihuahuas also bark a lot when they are uncomfortable or feeling vulnerable or threatened. Chihuahuas are very territorial, so if they feel someone is intruding on their space, they may raise a yapping alarm.

Sometimes, they also bark in response to another dog barking nearby. They might hear the high-pitched barks of another dog and warn you about some danger by barking loudly.

How To Get A Chihuahua To Stop Barking

Once you understand why do Chihuahuas bark so much, you can then move on to addressing this problem. You need to have some tips and tricks up your sleeve to get your little canine to quiet down. To help you out, here are some known methods that can help.

Show Them Who’s The Boss

Your Chihuahua probably thinks they are the alpha in the territory, but as a dog parent, it is important to remind them you are the one in charge. This will help in training your chihuahua.

If their barking is a sign of showing domination, it is important to train them to be quiet on command. Do not resort to shouting at them. Not only does it not help, but it also agitates them further.

Teach Them the Quiet Command

Training your Chihuahua is perhaps the most effective way to get it to not bark so much. When your dog quiets down between barks, use a clicker to “mark” the moment and give it a treat. It will help your dog recognize that the treat is for the quiet moment. You can then add a voice command by saying “quiet” before giving it a treat.

Make sure to keep plenty of tasty treats handy. Fresh fruits like dragon fruit and apples are also good options. If you’re wondering can dogs eat dragon fruit, they can! But give them in moderation. Such reward mechanisms and positive reinforcement are great for training your dog about desirable behavior.

Ignore When Necessary

Since you spend a lot of time with your dog, you can easily tell if he is doing it to get your attention. Every dog has tells, and most pet parents can tell when their dog is being naughty.

In such cases, ignoring them is the best option. Your dog needs to be trained to understand restraint and that they cannot get their way by barking loudly every time.


Systematic and consistent training can help train your Chihuahua to not cause a barking nuisance. It is important that you never reward bad behavior and pick and choose which barks to respond to based on actual urgency.

That being said, chihuahuas are very lovable and protective dogs that will be great companions and watchdogs for your household. Their energetic presence will make sure there is never a dull day in your home!

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