Bailey Sarian Biography, Net Worth, Age and New Updates

Bailey Sarian is a young, successful YouTuber who has over 4.9 million subscribers. Her videos are mostly short makeup tutorials that goes up to even 1 hour. She also shares her ideas of crime with her audience by retelling murders and mysteries in a way that is very interesting.  In addition to these topics, my favorite video of hers so far was when she went through 10 different colors in under 5 minutes! If you’re looking for a fun beauty guru or someone who loves solving mysteries like Sherlock Holmes then Bailey’s your girl! 


Bailey has a YouTube channel with over 4.2 million followers. Not much information about her family, but she has mentioned on her show that she had an elder sister as well as a younger sibling. She graduated from Paloma Valley High School in Menifee, California at the age of 18 before going to study makeup artistry for three more years after graduating college.   

Bailey Sarian has always been a colorful person, not just in her tattoos but also with the clothes she wears. She was born and raised on an orchard outside of town by two loving parents who made sure to teach Bailey how important it is to love what you do for work. As such, when Bailey became old enough, she chose living off the land as her profession so that she could finally live up to those words from her father: “to be happy.” 

Bailey Sarian is a feminine, tattooed woman with brown hair and hazel eyes. She has always been confident in herself despite what others think of her appearance. Nowadays she prefers wearing tight bodysuits to show off the tattoos on her body; but before surgery Bailey was very insecure about how people saw her different colored skin tones. 

How Old is Bailey Sarian? 

Sarian Bailey was born on the 26th of November, 1988. She grew up in California United States and currently resides there as well. Bailey Sarian is 32 years old but has been living with her life since she turned 21. 

What is the Relationship Status of Bailey Sarian?  

Bailey Sarian met her now fiancé Fernando Valdez in 2013 and by 2017 she was engaged to him. He has a popular social media account on Instagram, where he posts gripping stories about his life that have been shared millions of times with followers all over the world. Born in Southern California and raised among gang-infested neighborhoods as an immigrant from Mexico City at age 5, his story has not only captivated audiences but also helped change attitudes regarding immigrants.  As a beauty expert who has millions of followers on social media. She finds it easy to relate to different cultural movement through art, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. Presently, the love birds are married but there are no details about their marriage date or any other information available from them at this time. 

What is the Net Worth of Bailey Sarian? 

Her net worth is estimated at $800,000. Bailey Sarian earns from discussing true crime events and makeup. When it comes to selling her products on MerchLabs. 

Example of Bailey Sarian YouTube Video


Name Bailey Sarian
Date of Birth26th of November, 1988.
Zodiac SignSagittarius
CareerYouTube Star, Makeup Artist
Current PartnerFernando Valdez


Bailey Sarian is a YouTube star that has found success in both long and short-form video space. Her videos are mostly makeup tutorials, and she also shares her thoughts on crime while retelling murders or mysteries. With 4 million subscribers to date, it’s clear that people enjoy what she does. 

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