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After following a strict regimen, cleansing, strengthening, moisturizing and protecting your hair for a while. It’s a relief once you install a weaver braids, especially if you have a busy schedule. weaves and braids are a great method to use for freeing up time you would have spent styling and prepping your hair every day, but improper use or abuse of them can lead to balding, fungal growth and all types of complications. I get a lot of questions on the use of weaves and braids for retaining length and avoiding breakage, so I thought it would be a great idea to discuss this topic.


Apart from being beautiful, weaves and braids are extremely low maintenance, and don’t require daily styling, which is great because it frees up a significant amount of time in your schedule. So, in this article we are going to go over things you should remember before, during and after installing braids.

Before Installing Braids

Now, before finally sitting in the chair, you must have a conversation with your stylists. clearly express your expectations with them, many sellers think that you want your braid twist on tightly so that it last longer, but if you want to maintain the health of your hair and scalp. You must express to them that you want them done loosely, loose enough that you feel no tension of any kind on your scalp. So that’s pretty loose.

Due to habit some stylist will make the first break loose but then slowly start to make them tighter and tighter. If this happens, stop them and ask them politely to continue to make them loose. Why is this so important you asked? It’s a lot easier to see this with a zoom clipped of your hair strand. When a braider twist is installed too tight, the tension you feel is your nerve endings reacting to almost having your hair completely plucked out. And since it’s in a braider twist, your hair strands are stuck in this tense state with no relief until you start to get some new growth. That’s why you don’t start to get any relief until almost a week later. The problem is that this strain causes your blood vessels to constrict and dilate, triggering a signal to activate pain centers in your brain. Most likely, causing a pretty bad migraine.

Amongst other things, this can lead to permanent damage to your hair follicles and over time you’ll start to notice traction alopecia, meaning you will stop growing hair from those damaged follicles. Remember traction alopecia is a progressive condition caused mechanically by you. It sneaks up on you over time, so it’s best to eliminate the risk now before it’s too late. Getting braids installed tightly in order for them to last longer, can lead to balding later on. Before installing braids twist or weave, you should do a real protein treatment. This will properly fill in all the damaged areas along your hair cuticles, causing your hair to look, feel and behave perfectly healthy. This way your hair will be in the best condition to withstand all the pulling and tugging without causing more damage and snapping off.

Lastly, try to book your appointment earlier in the day. The job of a stylist can be mentally and physically tolling, they’re human. By the end of the day, they’ve washed out and braided many heads of hair, so it’s best to catch them early in the morning when they’re at their best.

What to do when You are at the Stylist to Install Braids.

Before anything, have a conversation with your stylists, where you can clearly express your expectations. One of your expectations should be that they’re installed loosely also doing a real protein treatment beforehand will patch up the weak spots of your cuticles, putting your hair in the best position to withstand the pooling and friction associated with insulation. A great thing about real protein treatments is that, it can be used with any moisturizing conditioner, so you can take it with you if your stylist plans to wash and treat.

Hair Braiding Near Me

To get best results for your hair braiding, you will need visit a hair stylist for a professional touch. I have compiled some professional hair braid stylist near you in the following cities.

Donan Hair Braiding

Donan Hair Braiding provides consumers with genuine and high-quality services. The highly trained personnel have decades of expertise and are quite efficient. The majority of their employees were taught in African nations where hair braiding is embedded in the culture, while some were also trained in the United States.

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Call (301)-615-0726
7418 Laurel Bowie Road, Bowie MD 20715


They give excellent customer service and employ cutting-edge approaches. Their main objective is to pamper their clients in a relaxing environment. Their highly skilled personnel are among the most qualified in the industry.

They can help you with African hair braiding, dreadlocks, and weaves for children, men, and women.

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Tel: 850-980-3121 – Tel: 816-529-7780

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