Best Ways of Getting Stardew Valley Clay, Uses and Recipes

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Is it time to get a clay in Stardew Valley? Today I will teach you how to get clay in Stardew Valley. Now, we know the game doesn’t teach you how to get clay but hey you are at the right place to learn some tips about getting clay in Stardew Valley.

What is a Clay in Stardew Valley?

Clay is a resource that can be found by digging up dirt, sand, or Artifact Spots, or from cracking open Geodes. It can also be received as a gift from Jas or Vincent at the Feast of the Winter Star.

Some Tips of Getting Clay in Stardew Valley

So, there are actually quite a few ways that you can get clay in Stardew Valley but know that none of them are quite 100% so you won’t get clay every time you do these.

Digging Artifacts Spots to get Clay in Stardew Valley

The first way to get claims is by digging up artifact’s spots with your hoe. Those are the patches of worms that you see on the ground every so often. Every time you take one of these up there’s the possibility that you might get some clay and you might even get more than one piece. But even if you don’t get clay, you can still get some pretty cool stuff from these spots.

Getting Clay from the Geodes in Stardew Valley

Another way to get clay is from geodes you mainly get geodes from breaking open rocks in the mines. You then take your geodes to the blacksmith who will break them open for you and you have a chance of getting clay from them, but you don’t get clay all that often.

Digging Sand and Dirt to Get Clay in Stardew Valley

You can also get clay by digging up sand and dirt but it’s not exactly the best way to find clay because this one is kind of random and you can find yourself using them quite a bit of energy before you find any clay this way.

Tip: It may be worth considering digging for clay in the Mines, as this will additionally produce Cave Carrots. Bombs or other explosives can be used to dig the dirt faster.

Profile of Stardew Valley Clay

Source • Artifact Spot • Geodes
UsesUsed in crafting and construction.
Selling Price20g

Recipes of Stardew Valley Clay

NameDescriptionIngredientsRecipe Source
Garden PotGrows crops from any season
when indoors. Outdoors,
it can only house seasonal crops.
Clay (1) |
Stone (10) |
Refined Quartz (1)
Evelyn cutscene after
completing the
Fiber SeedsPlant these in any season.
Does not require watering.
Harvest with the scythe.
Takes 7 days to grow.
Clay (1) |
Mixed Seeds (1)
| Sap (5)
Linus (Special Order)
Quality Retaining
Soil (2)
This soil has a good chance
of staying watered overnight.
Mix into tilled soil.
Clay (1) |
Stone (3)
Farming Level 7
Brick Floor (5)Place on the ground to
create paths or to decorate
your floors.
Clay (2) |
Stone (5)
Carpenter’s Shop (500g)
Bone MillTurns bone items into fertilizers.Clay (3) |
Bone Fragment (10)
| Stone (20)
Gunther (Special Order)
Deluxe Retaining SoilThis soil has a 100% chance
of staying watered overnight.
Mix into tilled soil.
Clay (1) |
Stone (5)
| Fiber (3)
Island Trader for Cinder
Cinder Shard (50)

Building with Clay in Stardew Valley

SiloAllows you to cut and store
grass for feed
100g |
Stone (100)
| Clay (10) |
Copper Bar (5)


Clay is not used in any bundles.


Clay is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create a Shirt.


Two, three, or five Clay may be requested by several fish in Fish Pond quests.

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