Brian Baumgartners wife Celeste Ackelson Biography, Age, Career, Net worth, Wiki, Children

Brian Baumgartners wife Celeste Ackelson Biography, Age, Career, Net worth, Wiki, Children: Celeste Ackelson is a communications major who married actor/director Brian Baumgartner. Her TV-comedy-acting-husband was Kevin Malone, the inept accountant, on ‘The Office’ (US). There is a dearth of information concerning her background and early life. According to multiple interviews, she has a BA in communications from Florida International University. She showed early signs of having a creative mind when she was quite young. A little later, she figured out how to apply her imagination to academic assignments. As Ackelson matured, she discovered the world of fashion as a medium for her imagination. She tied the knot with Baumgartner in April of 2014, and the couple welcomed their first child together approximately a year later. The family has settled down in Los Angeles at the moment.


  • Full name: Celeste Ackelson Baumgartner
  • Nickname: Celeste Ackelson
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 10th July 1982
  • Age: 41 years old (as of 2023)
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Place of birth: United States Current residence Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian-white

Celeste Ackelson Bio

Ackelson’s birth year is specified as July 10th, 1982. 2.There is no information provided on Ackelson’s family history or any possible siblings she may have. She has only mentioned that she was always artistic and enjoyed drawing and painting.

Celeste Ackelson has an extensive education; she graduated with a degree in communications from Florida International University. It is unclear whether or whether she went on to get any further degrees or certifications in addition to those listed above.

Celeste Ackleson has kept her professional life under wraps, much like the rest of her life, but she has made her passion for fashion and the latest trends abundantly evident.

Contrarily, her husband, Brian Baumgartner, was born and raised in the Peach State. He entered this world on November 29, 1972, and spent his formative years in Atlanta. He went to The Southern Methodist University and Holy Innocents Episcopal School for his acting education.

Relationship with Brian Baumgartner

Soon after Brian Baumgartner’s first marriage ended in the late 2000s, he began dating Celeste Ackelson. In their California garden on April 26, 2014, the couple who had been dating for so long finally tied the knot. Many famous people, including John Krasinski, Oscar Nunez, Emily Blunt, Jenna Fischer, and Angela Kinsey, were invited to the wedding. Many well-known actors and actresses attended the event.
Stunning Brylee Bea Baumgartner is the daughter of Celeste Ackelson and Brian Baumgartner. Her parents gave birth to her in March of 2015.
Brian Baumgartner has a child from a former marriage to classical pianist Julia Fisher, before he married Celeste Ackelson.
Aside from acting, Brian Baumgartner has directed several films. Herman United States, a romantic comedy released in 2001, marked Brian Baumgartner’s first film role. He has been on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (2003), “Arrested Development” (2005), “Jake in Progress” (2005), “The Office” (2005), “Four Christmases” (2008), “License to Wed” (2007), and “Four Christmases” (2008). The character of Kevin Malone, however, has brought him the most fame. From 2005 until the show’s cancellation in 2013, Brian was a regular on The Office, widely regarded as one of the best comedies of all time.

Celeste Ackelson Education

People who know Celeste describe her as intelligent and hard-working. Growing up, she went to a few different schools. She graduated with a degree in communications from Florida International University.

Net Worth

There is a lack of information regarding Celeste Ackelson’s career, including her net worth. Meanwhile, her actor husband has a net worth of $6 million. Baumgartner has accomplished a great deal beyond the realm of television. His film credits also include roles in Four Christmases and License to Wed.

Brian Baumgartner and Celeste Ackelson children

Brian and Celeste Baumgartner are the parents of a single child, a girl they named Brylee Bea Baumgartner. Their first child, she arrived in the world in March of 2015. Since the actor is extremely reserved, little is known about his wife Dolly or the parenting approach of him and his partner.

Facts about Celeste Ackelson

As the wife of famous American actor Brian Baumgartner, Celeste has gained some recognition herself. In spite of this, she prefers to keep her personal life under wraps. In any case, here is what you need to know about Brian Baumgartner’s wife:

1. She was born in the United States

Celeste’s birthday is July 10th, 1982, and she was born in the USA. As of 2022, she will have turned 41. she is an American citizen and of a multiracial background. As a kid, Celeste enjoyed being creative and would often draw or paint. The actor’s wife has an impressive educational background. She graduated from Florida International University with a degree in communication. It is unknown, however, if she has continued her study or earned further degrees.

2. Celeste’s husband has a net worth of $10 million

Celeste is a private person despite her famous husband. She has been silent regarding her family history, failing to provide even the names and current locations of her parents and siblings. She not only doesn’t talk about her personal life, but also her career. For example, Celeste Ackelson’s professional history and current commercial endeavors are shrouded in secrecy. The sum of money she is worth is also a mystery because of the low profile she keeps on the job. The husband, though, is expected to be worth $10 million by 2023.

3. Her husband is a famous figure

Brian Baumgartner, the spouse of Celeste, is a prominent figure in the American entertainment industry. He is a film and television actor and director. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 29, 1972. The 50-year-old is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.