Meaning of // Unto : 1. To or towards something or somebody. 2. Until a particular time or event.


Virtual memory

Virtual memory Extra memory that is automatically created when all the normal memory is being used.


Glo Campus Booster in Ghana

Answer Glo CAMPUS BOOSTER is a FIRST of its kind offer that gives 50% bonus on your data subscription while you are on campus at no additional cost or charges. For example, a GHc 5 Campus Boo


Glo SMS Packs

Answer SMS Top-Up pack is an offer for all Glo prepaid subscribers to purchase bundle packs for local SMS and also send messages for less than 1 pesewa The SMS packs offer the best rates for


AirtelTigo Bronya Ayɛdɛ

Content Keys: AirtelTigo | Aitel | Tigo | Bronya Ayede | Promo || - Promo Description Bronya Ayɛdɛ is an AirtelTigo Money point-based usage promo aimed at driving AirtelTigo Money transactions (Cash


AirtelTigo Unlimited Calls

Answers What is the revamped Xtra Unlimited calls bundle about? 100 or visit our digital channels on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for assistance. Customers will enjoy unlimite


Must a beneficiary have an MTN Mobile Money Account?

Points: MTN Ghana | aYo | Send with care | Beneficiary| Mobile Money || Yes, you can only be a beneficiary of Send with Care if you have an MTN Mobile Money account.


Will I get a MTN Ayo policy document?

Answers No hardcopy policy document will be issued. All theTerms and Conditionsand information you will need can be accessed online onwww.aYo.com.gh. Remember you can check your balances by d


What is a waiting period?

Answer A waiting period is the time that must pass before you can claim on your cover. But for aYo Send with Care, there is no waiting period applicable.


Ghanaian sprinter Benjamin Azamati wins top awards at A&M University in West Texas

A member of Ghanas 4x100m gold-winning quartet at the 2019 African Games in Rabat, Benjamin Azamati grabbed two key awards in his first season with the West Texas AM University, USA. Since returnin