How to add an Instagram ID to your TikTok account

Points : TikTok Instagram ID | How to add Instragram ID to TikTok profile | TikTok account || - 1. Go to your Profile tab and tap Edit Profile. 2. Tap Add Instagram.

How to change your username on TikTok

Points: TikTok user name | How to change user name | How to edit username || - 1. Go to your Profile tab and tap Edit Profile. 2. Enter your desired username. Your username can only be changed every 3

How to delete your TikTok account

Points: Delete TikTok Account | I want to delete my TikTok account | Permanently | Cannot be recovered | Cannot be reversed || - Deleting your account is permanent and cant be reversed. A deleted acco

How to add a YouTube channel to your TikTok Account

Points : TikTok add Youtube Channel | How to add Youtube Channel to your TikTok | Is it possible ? || - If you want to add your Youtube channel to your TikTok account or profile follow the steps below

To change your TikTok app language

Points: TikTok App Language | How to change language on TikTok | Number of Languages | English | French | Chinese | Spanish | Deutsch | Italiano || - TikTok is currently available in 39 languages. You

How to create a TikTok account

Points: TikTok account creating | How to easily create a TikTok account || - 1. Download TikTok from Google Play or App Store. 2. Tap the Profile or Notifications tab, and sign up following the steps

How to Change your TikTok profile photo or video

Points : TikTok profile photo and video | How add profile photo or video | How to change || - 1. Go to your Profile tab and tap Edit Profile. 2. Tap Profile Photo or Profile Video. 3. Take a new pictu

How to Delete a follower on TikTok

Points: TikTok Follower | How to delete follower | Remove someone who follows you on TikTok || - If you need to remove someone who follows your TikTok account, please follow the instructions below:

How to block someone on TikTok

Points : TikTok Account | Block a user | Unblock a user | Hide your post from someone| Prevent user from seeing your post or posts || - You can block a user so they wont be able to view your videos or

How to Change Your TikTok Password

Points: TikTok Password | How to change password | Reset TikTok password | Steps to follow || - If you created an account using an email address or phone number, you can follow these steps to reset yo