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Darius Zayas is an extremely well-known producer that hails from the United States. A well-known fact about Darius Zayas is that he is Stevie Ryan’s spouse. Stevie is a highly well-known comedian and actress in the industry. In addition to that, she is a social media and YouTube star.


Darius Zayas came into this world on January 1st, 1982 in the United States of America. He is of white ethnicity and holds American citizenship, thus we know that his nationality is American. He has not divulged any information about his early life or family history, other than the fact that he was married to Stevie Ryan before she passed away. This includes any and all information linked to his family history. Not only that, but there is no additional information regarding his academic accomplishments, his parents, or his location of birth. It would appear that he prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye, especially when it comes to the media.

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Name: Darius Zayas

Age: 40 years

Date of birth: 1st January, 1982

Nationality: American

Profession: Producer

Net Worth: $1 million

Relationship: Widower

Height: Moderate

Weight: Moderate

Instagram: Unknown

Twitter: Unknown

What is the cause of death of Darius Zaya?

Stevie Ryan, not Darius Zayas, took her own life on July 1, 2017, by hanging herself. Darius Zayas is not among the dead; Stevie Ryan is. After the death of her grandfather on June 29, 2017, various reports in the media indicate that she may have been suffering from depression. After the passing of his wife, Darius Zayas has since withdrawn from the public eye and the world of media.

Stevie Ryan Death Scene

The aftermath of Stevie Ryan’s passing was never documented. The security personnel were present to ward off any potential invaders at the spot.


It turns out that Darius Zayas is a producer and that he works in the entertainment sector. Nevertheless, he rose to prominence after tying the knot with Stevie Ryan. Stevie is a household name in the entertainment industry, having worked in acting, comedy, and television. Additionally, he has produced a number of her videos for her blog. In addition, Stevie’s popularity skyrocketed once she was cast as the title character in the sketch comedy series Stevie TV, which aired on VH1.

Stevie had a lifelong fascination with the world of acting, and she aspired to have a successful career in the entertainment business. She had a resolute and determined approach to her career. Stevie was called by New Wave Entertainment after the company spotted an online parody she had produced of one of their shows. This was the beginning of her path to VH1, which ultimately led to her being hired by the network. The network NWE Entertainment thought of the concept for Stevie TV, which is a format for sketch comedy. A number of television networks expressed interest in carrying the program, but in the end, it was picked up by VH1.


Moving on to the more personal and intimate aspects of Darius Zayas’ life, it should be noted that he is a widower. It was revealed that he was married to Stevie Ryan. In addition, Stevie Ryan is regarded as one of the industry’s most beautiful starlets. On the other hand, she has passed away at this time. In point of fact, she ended her own life on July 1, 2017, by hanging herself. She was well-known for her depressive state, which she attributed to the passing of her grandfather. Because of the traumatic experience, he decided to walk away from all of the media nuisances.

Aside from his relationship with Darius, he was not involved in any type of romantic or sexual activity with any other person. In addition to this, he did not have a romantic relationship with any other women. While Stevie was dating him, she was also seeing a large number of other women, including Raul, Perez Hilton, an American blogger named Adam Paranoia, and others. In addition, he doesn’t have any problems with other people’s gender identities. In addition to this, he does not have any instances that are contentious.

Height and Weight of Darius

Darius is a good-looking young man who also possesses a moral character. He is of average height and carries a respectable weight for his frame. However, he has not released any information on the specifics of his height, weight, or any other overall physical measurements. His eyes are also brown, the same color as his hair, and his hair is a dark brown tint. Stevie Ryan, who had been his wife previously, stood only 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed 59 kilograms. She had a breast size of 31 inches, a waist measurement of 22 inches, and hip measurements of 34 inches, giving her an overall body measurement of 34 inches.

The amount of time that Darius Zayas spends engaging with any form of social media is very limited. Following the passing of his cherished wife Stevie Ryan, he grew increasingly distant and difficult to reach.

Age and date of Birth of Darius Zayas

The first day of the new year in 1982 found Darius Zayas being born in the United States of America. This means that he will be 40 years old in the year 2022.

Net Worth of Darius

The life that Darius Zayas leads with his family is a happy and comfortable one. As a result of his contributions, he has earned a sizeable wealth. As of the year 2022, his whole net worth is close to one million dollars in the United States. While the net worth of his wife at the time of her passing was approximately $600 thousand US dollars.