Classic Smart Home Entertainment Devices

Technological advancements have made pretty much everything “smart” in today’s world. Now we have products like smartphones that revolutionized the way of communications and almost made traditional devices like home phones almost obsolete, a device that was once considered a marvel of modern technology. The past decade is also called the time of the silicone revolution and is considered by many tech gurus to have equal level significance to the industrial revolution. The major reason behind this is that silicone chips or to put it simply smart processors, that started their integration with traditional computing devices made their way to handheld phones, this was the first step of what was next to come in the form of a technological revolution, because from there came a massive wave of technological enhancements that almost took all kinds of devices by storm.   

Browse and get access to almost every type of smart device or gadget from Smart Cameras/ Speakers, Smart Thermostats to smart door or motion Sensors  that homeowners are using in their day-to-day lives. Even simple household devices from televisions to refrigerators and even vacuum cleaners have a sophisticated alternative. But, a regular user might get confused by the term “smart”, well, to put it in simple words a smart device can be considered anything that doesn’t require consistent user input to work, it should have some decision making power of its own thus comes the word “smart” into the picture utilizing the underlying fundamentals of AI. To make this sophisticated AI work some kind of processing power is required thus the use of smart processors in these devices.

Smart Home Entertainment Devices

The question arises that since almost every kind of device now has a smart alternative how can the entertainment industry be deprived of this trend. Well, the answer to that question is that when the trend of smart devices first began the entertainment industry was the first to capitalize on it. In today’s landscape, we have a huge range of smart home entertainment devices that are making the life of their users easier while providing top-notch entertainment options. This includes smart TVs, Smart Speakers, Smart Remotes, Smart Home Assistants, and Smart Home Automation solutions.

Top Smart Home Entertainment Devices

Here we have compiled a list of top smart home entertainment devices that would make your entertainment experience a more enjoyable one like never experienced before.  

Smart TV

Starting with the most common smart entertainment device which is now part of almost every household, the smart TV. The trend of smart TV only began a few years ago but the amount of praise and acceptance this piece of technology has received is at par with any other device in its comparison. According to the statistical data, 80 percent of US households are using smart TVs. This gives an idea of how popular it has become just over a couple of years since it was first introduced. But to put it in retrospect, a smart TV has a lot of benefits not only catering to the entertainment needs of its users but for work purposes as well. You can watch content, attend your zoom meetings, mirror your cellphone, and do much more just from your smart TV.  

Smart TVs have combined the features of a traditional TV and a regular smartphone. Gone are the days when you had to watch your favorite Netflix series on your small smartphone screen, now all your favorite streaming apps can be directly installed on your smart TV for a mesmerizing viewing experience. Seeing the potential of these smart TVs many cable providers have also made their own streaming apps so you can not only enjoy the regular streaming content but also your favorite TV channels without the need for set-top boxes. You can try out these apps from cable providers like Cox Communications to make your smart TV a one-stop entertainment solution. Viewers can contact Cox’s customer service to know more about their Contour streaming app, while Spanish customers can reach out to Cox Servicio al Cliente for assistance in Spanish.

Smart Home Assistants

How many times have we heard the word “Alexa” or “Hey Google”? These have now become iconic catchphrases and are a significant part of our current pop culture today. Actually, these are the phrases that are used to activate Amazon and Google home assistants, two of the most popular Smart assistants currently available. Just like smart TVs, smart home assistants are also gaining traction from the general consumer with each passing day because not only does it sound fancy to tell a computer to do regular tasks, but it’s also quite effective as well. These devices connect to your other smart devices like Smart TVs, Smart Phones, and Smart Home Automation systems to make them voice-controlled machines.

For example, you can search anything, play music, and create appointments by just using your voice instead of typing it the regular way. Take control of your house by just saying the word, smart home assistants have the functionality to switch on or off electrical appliances, lock or unlock the doors, adjust thermostats and even take control of simple things like light bulbs in your house. The pioneer of this technology is Apple as they were the ones who first integrated the well-known Siri assistant in their products which is considered the first smart assistant that came into the public limelight.   

Smart Remote Control

Smart Remotes are often bundled with products like Smart TVs and Smart Speakers. A smart remote has quite unique capabilities of its own and is not like your traditional remote, that’s why it is included as a separate product in this list. A smart remote as the name suggests is used to control other smart devices, but the best part of these remotes is that they are a separate entity on their own apart from the devices they connect to. They have their own processor and in some cases, touch displays with integrated mics and speakers. The most useful capability of a smart remote is that it is a voice-controlled device, so let’s say you want to watch a specific channel on your smart TV or want to listen to your favorite track on smart speakers, all you have to do is to say the name of the channel or the track and the remote is going to the rest for you.

For many people, this feature alone is enough to convince them to switch to smart remotes because people nowadays don’t want to go through the hassle of looking through the entire channel lineup or to keep scrolling playlists just to find one track to listen on loop. Apart from that, some smart remotes also allow you to connect headsets to them so you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and channels on the big screen without disturbing others around you.

Final Words

We are in the age of the internet of things, that’s why we are seeing the influx of smart devices left, right, and center. The list we compiled here consists of the most used smart entertainment devices today in almost every household. If you are new to smart devices or are looking to equip your house with smart devices this list is where you can start with. The combination of Smart TV bundled with Smart Remote and the added integration of Smart Home Assistant will provide you with an unmatched home entertainment experience, and once you get the hang of these devices you can start to equip other smart devices as well and make your entire home a “Smart Home”