Communication in education is the future!

Ruby McKenzie
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ESL is mostly about getting your students to communicate. Verbal communication practice will later on prepare esl students to understand spoken and written English. They will react to spoken language naturally and what is more, speaking is the best possible way of encouraging young learners to use English. What is more important than knowledge? The answer is: confidence. Motivation and confidence are essential on every level of esl learning and esl lesson plans should be based on developing these two factors.

Trust in you

Learners must trust their tutor. Trust is the core of successful learning and once they learn about you they are able to create mutual understanding on a personal level. The easiest way is to smile and tell about your weekend briefly. After that, ask your students about their spare time. Doing such practice, you encourage them to speak along with learning about each other which is important in team work.

Team work is a good work

Knowing your students personality, charisma levels and behaviour, you can create teams of temperaments neatly complement each other. However, remember that sometimes learning and completing a task is much more effective when you allow students to make their own pairs or groups. Esl lesson plans are easily printed and divided in form of paper copies. Each team can have a variation of a topic to make answers varied but in most cases, every team will have a different approach to a task due to their personality differences, levels and creativity. Therefore, you can have version A and version B but it is not necessary.

Esl lesson plans

The main aim of a lesson plan is to present a topic, introduce or review vocabulary and… to be as interesting as possible. Even grammar lessons are not bound to be boring when you use proper materials. How about turning normal grammar lesson to a detective story where Sherlock Holmes and Watson try to solve mysteries? Correct answers will create a code to unlock secret door or to find a criminal. Make your lessons an unforgettable experience where students learn, speak and have fun together in your classroom.

Speaking is evolving

Once students are motivated to speak using your esl lesson plans and printable materials, they never stop learning new structures, words and expressions. They listen to other students, mimic and use their words as well because speaking and listening are closely related and cant exist without one another. What does it mean? Your pupils listen and speak, developing two crucial skills in one time!

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