Couple arguing on storey building’s balcony falls off, lands on hard ground together (video)

Ruby McKenzie
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A man and a woman were so engrossed in an argument that they probably forgot that they were on the balcony of a storey building until they fell off and sprawled on the hard ground together.

A cringeworthy video shows the railings of the balcony giving up on the couple. The railings fell apart and the couple had nothing to cling on, so they were virtually flying in the air with the fallen metals before eventually landing dangerously on the ground.

The video was shared by Crazy Clips, a Twitter platform that posts fights, viral videos other quirky content, and it has got many people reacting.

Many Twitter users have been poking fun at the video, saying it is a proper definition of ‘for better and for worse’ as couples vow to each other on their wedding days.

Crazy Clips did not reveal where the incident took place, but the clip shows the couple to be Caucasians.

In related news, a jilted man recently refused to leave the premises of his ex-girlfriend after kneeling for 21 hours with a bouquet of red flowers next to him, all in a bid to have her date him again.

Footage of the young man from China’s Sichuan province kneeling outside his ex-girlfriend’s workplace in Dazhou City emerged on social media and sparked reactions.

According to, the lovesick man knelt at 1 pm on March 28 and remained on his knees until 10 am the next day. He didn’t mind enduring the rain, the cold weather condition and being mocked by passersby.

At a point, a crowd gathered around him after people realized that he had been kneeling there for hours. Efforts to convince him to get up and go home did not materialize.

Police officers were called to help but their arrival did not change anything.

However, the South China Morning Post reported that the man eventually rose and left of his own volition after no sign of the said ex-lover.

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