Dentistry – All you Need to Know About Fixed Prosthetics

The dental industry has seen some amazing developments in the past decade and fixed prosthetics are very popular, especially here in Australia. Dental crowns, bridges and prosthetic implants are top dental treatments and dental clinics outsource fixed prosthetics to a local 3rd party dental lab.

Zirconia Dental Crowns

Zirconia is regarded as the best material to make fixed prosthetics; here is Australia, VTS Dental Labs provides zirconia dental crowns for many dental practices; businesses that rely heavily on having top-quality fixed prosthetics.

There are several types of zirconia, which are as follows:

  • Monolithic zirconia – This material is of ultra-high strength and with many different shades of colour, you can perfectly match prosthetics with your patients. Indeed, zirconia is surpassing ceramics in the dental sector and for very good reasons.
  • Multi-layer zirconia – This would typically be used for anterior cases and full mouth restorations, when aesthetics are crucial.
  • Translucent zirconia – In certain situations, a translucent solution is required, to blend with the original teeth.

Zirconia crowns are 3 times stronger than porcelain or PFM restorations; the zirconian crown can withstand heavy use without chipping or cracking and most dentists prefer to use zirconia for crowns and bridges.

Optimum Colour Throughout the Restoration

Perhaps the main reason dentists prefer zirconia to ceramics and porcelain is the fact that colour is distributed evenly through the restoration, which cannot be said for porcelain and metal. There is no need for a metal lining when you use zirconia, while technicians find working with this material easy.

The Process

When a person decides they want dental restoration, they make an appointment with their local dentist and an oral examination is carried out to determine what is required. Of course, there are usually options and the dentist would explain each, while also offering their professional opinion on the best way forward.

If you run a dental practice and are looking for a fixed prosthetic provider, start with a Google search and browse the list of sites until you find a provider that looks promising. Of course, do your homework to ensure the best possible quality at reasonable prices.

If you require some dental restoration treatment, your local dentist has all the solutions.

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