Despite a 30-year age gap, Julie Tokashiki and Tom Skerritt are tight

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The first two marriages of Tom Skerritt were both beset with a variety of challenges. Even though the actor had a poor track record with his first two marriages, he finally found happiness with his third partner. Now it appears that he has discovered the secret to happiness with his present wife, Julie Tokashiki, who is 30 years his junior. His third marriage has lasted longer than either of his previous two. The question now is, what about the third attempt was different? In an interview for the year 2020 with Closer, Skerritt highlighted his marriage and what it was about her that made her stand out.

Two Failed Marriages of Tom Skerritt

At the age of 21, the star of the show East of the Mountains was married to the young artist Charlotte R. Shanks and had a kid with her. Skerritt was married to his first wife beginning in 1957 and continuing until 1972. The last few years of the actor’s marriage were a struggle for both of them. Due to the fact that his wife had been diagnosed with a mental disorder, he found it difficult to provide for his three children. The actor’s eldest son, Colin Skerritt, has not reconciled with him despite their generational gap. Skerritt is criticized for not being a present parent.

His second-oldest daughter, Erin, a noted poet, sympathized with her father and stated she knew what he was going through. He used to bring his children to the set and attempt to care for them since their mother was ill, but he didn’t have the time. Skerritt was therefore a single parent until his second marriage to Susan Ellen Aran. From 1977 through 1992, the couple was married for 15 years. Skerritt and Susan have a son named Colin. In 1980, the couple bought a home on Lopez Island and started a bed and breakfast there. Skerritt’s marriage to Susan, on the other hand, did not endure. In 1992, they divorced. The cause of their divorce was never revealed.

Tom Skerritt met his third wife Tokashiki

Top Gun: Maverick star Tom Skerritt met his third wife Tokashiki, a Fox studio executive while shooting Picket Fences. According to The Seattle Times, his wife was wary on the first date but found Skerritt to be a soulmate and a romantic. They tied the knot in 1998. In a follow-up interview, the Alien star remarked of his wife, “she’s powerful, lovely.”

“I look at her with admiration and wonder at who she is.” “She’s really a fantastic work of art,” he continued.

Skerritt became a father at the age of 86 when he and his wife adopted Emi, a 12-year-old daughter, in 2007. He described Emi as a formidable adolescent. Skerritt’s four other children have all discovered their vocation. Andy, his son, is a computer specialist. Matt is a creative director and filmmaker. Collin has dabbled with acting and is well-known for Tuscaloosa (2002).

Even at the age of 87, the actor had no intention of retiring. Instead, at the age of 88, he received his first starring part in East of the Mountains. During his six-decade career as an actor, he has worked in almost every type of movie. Skerritt may be described as a workaholic. When he isn’t performing, he is running Triple Squirrels, a film studio he co-founded with his wife of 34 years. In his spare time, the actor writes, paints, and plays tennis.

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