DotBig LTD Review: Advantages vs Disadvantages

Online trading is becoming a mainstream activity since it’s available and affordable today. You can choose the best forex brokers by relying on their positive and negative characteristics. In this review, we will tell about the advantages and disadvantages of forex trading with the DotBig forex broker.

Our today’s focus on the DotBig company is committed to exploring specific peculiarities. When you have the only option, it will be easier to estimate its benefits and drawbacks. In this review, we will include information about the trading conditions of the DotBig forex broker, the usability of the trading platform interface, DotBig testimonials, fees and commissions, and more. If you consider working with this company, you must be aware of all this stuff and today is the best time to get familiar with it.

Before you start getting familiar with all the advantages, though, you must keep in mind that despite all the benefits, trading always involves risk. Even if you work with the safest forex broker offering the best conditions, you must be ready to face losses due to inefficient trading strategies or poor financial market conditions. Let’s get down to business.

Advantages of trading at DotBig

  • A rich selection of trading products. Currently, clients of this forex broker can access more than 1,000 financial assets from several markets. Except for forex and stock trading, the DotBig also allows making money through CFDs. The crypto trading platform offers an extensive selection of instruments, including crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat currency pairs. Here you can invest in the fastest-developing crypto tokens;
  • Advanced features for efficient technical trading. The broker’s trading platforms offer very top-notch tools such as trading signals, technical indicators, quotes screening instruments, and more;
  • Algorithmic trading is available. With cutting-edge trading robots, participants can make the best deals. The algorithms are very accurate, which enables you to implement automated trading strategies. Plus, there is a social trading platform. Just copy strategies of successful traders.  
  • The system of placing stop-loss orders. Such a system prevents clients from losing their funds. The investments are made corresponding to the pre-determined limits. 
  • Fewer trading expenses. Some forex brokers require traders to pay fees for account maintenance every month. DotBig LTD doesn’t charge such payments. Commissions are charged only for withdrawals. Trading and depositing are commission-free as well. 
  • Responsive customer support. We found a lot of the DotBig testimonials describing the experiences of working with the customer support service. According to these reviews, the responses are always relevant and prompt. 
  • Safety. The DotBig forex broker accepts US clients and has its office in New York City. All funds are stored in special segregated accounts. No one, except for account owners, can access the account and withdraw money. Even the broker can’t use them for operational needs. The website is protected by SSL encryption. 

Disadvantages of trading with DotBig

  • High entry-level. Beginners often determine the relevance of working with the forex broker by relying on its account minimum. With DotBig, you are required to deposit $250 and more to activate the Basic account plan. Some newbies aren’t satisfied with it in their DotBig testimonials because they want to minimize all the expenditures. The $0 minimum would be ideal for them.
  • No possibility to trade via cent accounts. Many platforms offer cent accounts as cheap alternatives. You can make small profits without risking big amounts. DotBig doesn’t have such a service. On the other hand, there is a possibility to learn how to trade in real market conditions through the demo account. Even though, a cent account would be a more productive option. 
  • Limitations on withdrawals. DotBig clients cannot withdraw any amounts, and this is one more topic frequently discussed in the DotBig testimonials. The broker set a $50 limit, which disables clients from withdrawing smaller amounts.
  • No 24/7 support. Yes, above we’ve mentioned that clients are satisfied with how fast the support services are provided. However, some complain that they can’t receive it 24/7. Customer support is available only during business hours. Explore what are the working hours by contacting the support teams or finding this information on the official website. 


On different review platforms, we saw more positive DotBig testimonials. The negative impressions are also present, but their quantity isn’t very significant. Considering this, we might conclude that the broker offers more advantages than disadvantages. If you like some features, in particular, feel free to share this with other traders.

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