Emma Turner: The Woman Behind the Laughs of Andrew Schulz

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Emma Turner is not just the wife of one of the most popular comedians in the world, Andrew Schulz. She is also a successful businesswoman, a food blogger, and a pilates instructor. In this article, we will take a closer look at her life, career, and relationship with Andrew.

Early Life and Education

Emma was born on February 14, 1995, in Santa Barbara, California. She is the daughter of Kristin and Quentin Turner, and has two brothers, Derek and Will. She grew up in a loving and supportive family, and developed a passion for reading, writing, and fashion.

She attended New York University, where she majored in Fiction and Fashion at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017. She later pursued a Master of Business Administration degree at the Stern School of Business, which she completed in 2022.

Career and Achievements

Emma has always been ambitious and driven in her professional endeavors. She started her career as a fashion intern at Marie Claire, and later worked at Proenza Schouler, Penguin Random House, and Balenciaga. She then joined Barneys New York as an associate buyer, and later moved to Saturdays NYC as a senior account executive.

In 2019, she founded her own food blog, Blistered Peppers, where she shares her recipes, restaurant reviews, and culinary tips. She focuses on creating dishes that are easy, healthy, and delicious, and caters to different dietary preferences and restrictions. She also collaborates with other food bloggers and brands, and has a loyal fan base of over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

In 2020, she joined Apple as a program manager for artificial intelligence and machine learning. She works on developing and implementing innovative solutions for various products and services, and is passionate about the potential of technology to improve lives.

In addition to her corporate and entrepreneurial roles, Emma is also a certified BASI pilates instructor. She teaches classes at various studios in New York, and also offers online sessions. She believes that pilates is a great way to stay fit, flexible, and balanced, and enjoys helping others achieve their wellness goals.

Relationship with Andrew Schulz

Emma met Andrew Schulz, a comedian, actor, and podcaster, in 2018, through a mutual friend. They hit it off instantly, and started dating soon after. Emma revealed on her blog that Andrew was not a very adventurous eater when they first met, and that he once took her to a bad sushi place that gave her food poisoning. However, she also said that he was very funny, charming, and supportive, and that they had a lot in common.

The couple got engaged in November 2020, after Andrew proposed to Emma in a romantic setting in Montecito, California. They tied the knot in December 2021, in a small and intimate ceremony in New York, attended by their close friends and family. They shared their wedding photos on social media, and received many congratulations and compliments from their fans and peers.

Emma and Andrew have been happily married for almost two years, and live together in New York. They often travel together, and enjoy exploring new places and cultures. They also support each other’s careers, and collaborate on some projects. For instance, Emma has appeared on Andrew’s podcasts, such as The Brilliant Idiots and Flagrant 2, and Andrew has featured on Emma’s blog and Instagram.

The couple does not have any children yet, but they have expressed their desire to start a family in the future. They also have a pet dog, a golden retriever named Charlie, who is very adorable and playful.

Personal Life and Interests

Emma is a very outgoing and sociable person, who loves to spend time with her friends and family. She is also very adventurous and curious, and likes to try new things and learn new skills. Some of her hobbies include reading, writing, cooking, baking, gardening, hiking, skiing, yoga, and meditation.

Emma is also very charitable and generous, and supports various causes and organizations that she cares about. She is especially passionate about women’s empowerment, education, and environmental sustainability. She has donated to and volunteered for several charities, such as Girls Who Code, The Malala Fund, and The Nature Conservancy.

Emma is a Christian, and has a strong faith and spirituality. She attends church regularly, and prays daily. She also respects and appreciates other religions and beliefs, and is open-minded and tolerant.

Emma is a fan of pop culture and entertainment, and likes to watch movies, shows, and documentaries. Some of her favorite genres are comedy, romance, drama, and thriller. Some of her favorite shows are Friends, The Office, Breaking Bad, and The Crown. She also loves to listen to music, and enjoys various genres, such as pop, rock, jazz, and classical. Some of her favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Adele, and Coldplay.


NameEmma Kathryn Turner
PartnerAndrew Schulz
EducationBA in Fiction and Fashion from NYU Gallatin, MBA from NYU Stern
Favorite FoodPizza
Net Worth$250,000
SiblingsDerek and Will
Favorite TV ShowFriends
PetCharlie (golden retriever)


Emma Turner is a remarkable woman, who has achieved a lot in her personal and professional life. She is the wife of comedian Andrew Schulz, and the founder and CEO of Blistered Peppers. She is also a program manager at Apple, and a pilates instructor. She is a loving, supportive, and fun partner, and a caring, generous, and adventurous person. She is an inspiration to many, and a joy to watch.

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