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The city of Rondebosch is located in South Africa, and Fiona Viotti is a Water Polo Coach and South African Teacher there. The fact that Fiona Viotti is Nick Mallett’s niece is probably the single most famous fact about her. Her uncle is a former South African rugby player and coach who is now retired. In addition to that, she is a coach for the water polo team at Bishops Diocesan College.

Wiki Summary

NameFiona Viotti
Age34 years
Date of Birth1989
NationalitySouth African
ProfessionTeacher and Coach
Net Worth$1 to $5million
Height5 feet 4 inches


Rondebosch, which is located in the country of South Africa, is the city where she was born in the year 1989. Fiona Mallett Viotti is 34 years old at the time of this writing. Her father, Dave Mallett, teaches history and coaches rugby at the Bishop School, where he also serves as the head rugby coach. Nick Mallett is Fiona’s uncle. Nick and Fiona are first cousins. It has been reported in the Sunday Times that she is Anthony Mallet’s grandchild. Her grandpa served as the academy’s headmaster in their family for generations. Aside from that information, there is no more information accessible on Fiona’s racial background, her mother, her siblings, or her childhood. As a result of Fiona’s achievements, it is reasonable to assume that her parents provided a nurturing environment for her when she was a young girl in their hometown.

There is not a lot of information that is available regarding Fiona’s academic credentials; nonetheless, one can infer that because she was born into a family of educators, she finished her schooling at Bishop School and went on to graduate from a well-known institution in her city.


Water polo is a sport that is played in South Africa, and Fiona Viotti is an instructor and teacher in the sport. Additionally, she is employed at Bishops Diocesan College where she serves as a coach for the water polo team. Despite this, she was found guilty of having a romantic involvement with a pupil at the school.

The young man who shall remain nameless made an attempt to break off with her. Her school expelled her as a consequence of what transpired. Despite this, she did send threatening messages to the 18-year-old kid through WhatsApp.

At the beginning of October, the administrators at the school decided to investigate the matter with the help of a legal representative. The victim’s family members did not press any criminal proceedings against her after the incident.

On the other hand, the excessive misbehavior that took place at their school made the principal, Guy Pearson, feel ashamed.

A statement from him regarding sexual harassment was made public. In addition to that, he gave his assurance that the investigation would be carried out in an impartial manner.

There is no other information available regarding her present personal life, other than what has been stated above. Taking a look at her, it appears that she has transitioned into a different line of employment and is very happy there.

She does not want her professional or personal lives to be known to the general public because she has a strong preference for maintaining their confidentiality.


In September of 2018, she tied the knot with Pavo Viotti, who is also her spouse. They dated for a considerable amount of time before they finally tied the knot in a formal ceremony. The union of Pavo and Fiona Viotti resulted in the birth of a son. Fiona, on the other hand, has not divulged any information on the identity of her son.

It was rumored that Fionna had a love relationship with one of her students, and this was alleged to have happened. The unidentified young man gave chase to the girl, but he was ultimately unable to catch up with her. After some time, Fiona’s role was eliminated from the company. On the other hand, Fiona utilized WhatsApp communications in order to make threats to the teenager who was 18 years old.

Net Worth

It is believed that Fiona Viotti has a net worth of around one to five million dollars as a result of her earnings. Her career in the entertainment industry is her principal source of income.

Age and Date of Birth

Fiona Viotti was born in the year 1989. South Africa is the host country of Rondebosch, where she was born. Fiona Mallett Viotti is 34 years old at the time.

Height and Weight

Fiona has a height of about 5 feet 4 inches and a body weight at around 50 kg. Her body dimensions are not readily available, however she has brown hair and eyes, and she wears a shoe size that is equivalent to 6.5 in the United Kingdom.

Fiona Viotti FAQ

What is the net worth of Fiona Viotti?

Her net worth is estimated somewhere around $1 to $5 million.

How old is the boy Fiona Viotti was caught threatening?

18 years.

Where was Fiona Viotti born?

She was born in South Africa in the town called Rondebosch.

How old is Fiona Viotti?

Fiona Viotti was born in the year 1989 and she is 34 years old now.