Gambling Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages

Learn how gambling advertisements can change our perception and influence our betting patterns but also urge us to risk more than we usually would.

Marketing experts can sell you anything. Things that one likes and even things that one doesn’t need. They will create needs and convince you to buy whatever they want. Knowing all that, selling things that we all like and demand shouldn’t be so hard. Like selling entertainment or online casino experience. People love gambling so much that it doesn’t really need any advertisement. Despite that fact, many powerhouses in this business invest millions of dollars into their exposure throughout all media. Many countries impose strict regulations but they still find a way to reach their customers. Along the way, many controversies arise regarding the influence of mainstream gambling advertising. Especially on how it affects young adults.

Mainstream Advertisement

Surprisingly, gambling is still an activity that is frowned upon in many societies. Just like tobacco or farmaceuticals are mostly banned from showing public ads, gambling is somewhere in the gray area. Since advertising encourages gambling, it is limited in most countries. That leaves casinos with some ingenious ways to get our attention. They sponsor sporting events, endorse famous athletes, or even entire clubs. That way, they stay off the radar but still get some decent exposure in public eyes. It portrays betting in some positive light and it attracts billions in revenue. Most betting sites use this approach which is considered less intrusive than going public via tv, radio, or news ads.

All fans of slots or best payout pokies money can buy find their games by clicking on online ads. These pop-up windows can be dangerous or affected by malware. Only licensed online casinos are safe, but there are many fake ads on the net. Finding the best and highest paying casino sites is by paying attention to corporate sponsorship. Only the most prestigious gambling establishments can afford to endorse celebrities or F1 teams. It is a statement of their status in this industry. Like a way of saying that they are much better than their competition.

Thinking Outside The Box

Finding some clever ways of reaching potential customers requires outside-the-box thinking. Introducing a lootboxing system into video games was seen by many as some covert endorsement of the worldwide gambling industry. It may not seem like any direct advertisement, but it encouraged many kids into trying real betting with some real money. Instead of playing video games, kids were more eager to try Sweet Bonanza pokies for a change. That is why lootboxing has been criticized so much. Eventually, many gaming developers made adjustments that prevent them from encouraging risky betting. Since youngsters are more susceptible to pressure, such covert advertising bears the risk of turning them into irresponsible future gamblers.

Doing Risky Business

When done properly, gambling advertisement feels classy, and it brings rewards to both players and casinos involved. If done sloppily, it bears the threat of portraying risky bets as desirable. That causes players to act responsibly and lose a lot of money. After a decade of building a positive public image, online casinos do not need this backlash. Billions of dollars are at stake. That is why they employ subtle strategies like endorsements or giving public donations like charities. Public image is everything in the business these days. No one understands this better than gambling corporations.

As casino advertising fills our space both on social and mainstream media, we wonder what is their next publicity stunt. Following the controversies surrounding lootboxing in gaming, we expect online casinos to find a more subtle approach. Reducing the number of gambling ads can stop overselling some risky bets. That can lead to a more responsible gaming culture that we all strive to. Still, flashy ads and corporate sponsorship remain the best way to be seen and stay relevant in this game. Sometimes old tricks are the best ones. One thing is for sure, this industry will continue to thrive. As billions in earnings flow into each casino’s pockets, their advertising experts will surely come up with something new. After all, they do not lack any funds in their marketing budget.  

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