Gregory Mecher Biography, Age, Height, Bio, Net Worth, Wiki, Jen Psaki’s husband

As Jen Psaki’s husband, Gregory Mecher is a well-known political assistant. His wife’s name is Jen Psaki. His wife, Jen Psaki, worked as the press secretary for the White House from the 34th administration to May 2022. Who exactly is Jen Psaki’s husband, though? Below, you will find some interesting information about Mecher.

Wikipedia Summary

Name: Gregory Mecher

Date of Birth: 30 September 1976.

Age: 46 years

Place of birth: Southern Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Current residence ( House ): Washington DC, USA

Profession: Democratic political aide

Nationality: American

Height in feet: 5’ 9”

Weight in kilograms: 89

Net worth: $9 million

Wife: Jen Psaki

Children: Genevieve Mecher and Mathew Mecher

Son: Mathew Mecher

Daughter: Genevieve Mecher

Instagram: N/A

Twitter: N/A


Gregory Mecher is a public servant in the United States. Between the years 2009 and 2011, he held the position of chief of staff for Congressman Steve Driehaus, who was serving as the United States Representative for Ohio’s 1st congressional district at the time. Later on in his career, Mecher worked for Congressman Joe Kennedy as his chief of staff.

Mecher was born on September 30th, 1976 in the state of Ohio, in the United States of America. Gregory Matthew Mecher is his given name when he was born. He is of white ethnicity and American nationality, and he was born in the United States. He was born under the sign of Libra. He is a Christian to the core, and he practices his faith regularly.

Mecher was born in Ohio and went to Elder High School, a Catholic all-boys preparatory school located in Cincinnati, during his formative years before entering politics. Mecher is a communications and television production major with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Kentucky University, which she earned in 1999.

Relationship: Gregory Mecher’s Wife

Since 2010, Greg and Jennifer have been happily married. On the 8th of May in 2010, the couple got married in a small and private ceremony. At the wedding, which was held at Woodland Farm in Ridge, Maryland, a large number of the couple’s friends and family members were present. Greg looked dapper in a black suit he had specially tailored for the occasion, while his new wife glowed in a stunning gown.

Revenant The ceremony was presided over by the Reverend Dr. David D. Young, a pastor with the United Church of Christ. Psaki made the decision to retain her own surname, in contrast to other married women who take their husband’s family name.

Ever since they got married, things have been going swimmingly in their relationship. Even though Jen seldom ever discusses her private life, the two of them are known to make an appearance whenever there is a significant public event.
Well, if there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that the two sweethearts are over the moon about their relationship.

How Did Gregory First Meet His Wife Jen?

Despite the peculiar circumstances, Greg and Jan did not initially come into contact with one another until the year 2006. Psaki had been employed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at the time in question. One day, Rahm Emmanuel, who was serving as chairman of the DCCC at the time, made the decision to travel to Philadelphia in order to give a speech at an event there.

When Rahm’s chauffeur contacted, asking for directions, Jen was in the process of building up a YouTube video for him at the time. Jen, who isn’t particularly skilled with navigation, inadvertently provided the driver with incorrect instructions, which resulted in the group being lost. Unbeknownst to anyone, Gregory was actually the chairman’s personal driver the entire time.

In the end, Greg was able to find his way, and the two of them arrived at the event; nevertheless, he was somewhat irate with Jen because she had given him the erroneous direction. In spite of this, his rage subsided inexplicably the moment he laid eyes on Jen for the first time. When he saw how adorable she was, he immediately forgot everything that had happened between them and went over to her to introduce himself. Due to the fact that they had worked together in the past at the same workplace, they became closer over time.

What did Jen Psaki say about her husband?

Psaki has been by Mecher’s side for over 11 years, and during that time, she has had nothing but positive things to say about him. Psaki has never said anything negative about Mecher.

“He is so comfortable in his own skin with who he is,” Psaki said via the Cincinnati Enquirer.Gregory Mecher

“He could be in a room with 5-year-old kids, he could be in a room with billionaires, he could be in a room on a factory floor and he would be comfortable everywhere and have a conversation everywhere.”

Later adding, “Except when it comes to the Bengals, he’s a fanatic Bengals and Reds fan.”

Height and Weight: How tall is Gregory Mecher?

Gregory Mecher, who is married to Jen Psaki, has a height of roughly 5 feet and 9 inches (175 centimeters) and weighs close to 196 pounds (89 kg). In addition to that, his hair is a light brown color, and his eyes are brown.

How many children do Jen Psaki and Gregory Mecher have?

They have a daughter named Genevieve Mecher, who was born in June 2015, and a son named Mathew Mecher. Both of their children are named after their surnames.

What is Gregory Mecher’s net worth?

The politician’s precise net worth is unclear; but, according to estimations provided by Global Stardom, the politician’s net worth is approximately $9 million. However, because the source has not been validated, the information cannot be trusted to be accurate.

Since 2012, Gregory Mecher has earned a total compensation of 144,385 dollars, as reported by Federal Pay.

What is Gregory Mecher’s date of birth and age?

The American politician is 45 years old as of April 2022. His date of birth is 30 September 1976.