Guide To Increase Instagram Engagement For Your Brand

Ruby McKenzie
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Instagram is among the top social media sites being used these days. Its huge popularity makes it an ideal place for marketing. Instagram marketing has proven to be quite beneficial, and many marketers consider buying Instagram followers, likes, and views additionally, because they believe that this is the most important aspect of their growth and success.

Where it may seem that Instagram marketing just includes posting ads on Instagram and waiting for a customer’s responses, it is much more than just that! The most important factor in the success of your Instagram marketing campaign is your engagement with the audience.

The more Instagram engagement your brand has, the more successful your marketing campaign is. This is the particular reason why many brands are struggling hard to increase their engagement on Instagram.

Keeping in view these struggles, here in this article we bring for you a complete guide on how to increase engagement on Instagram for your brand. Follow this guide and see the results for yourself. There is also an interesting article that shows you how to get Instagram Followers For Free.

15 Secrets on How To Increase Engagement on Instagram in 2021

1. Engage with Audience Through Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories are a great way to increase engagement on your account. These stories remain on your profile for a whole day and viewers can reply to these stories and give their responses on them.

Instagram provides numerous story stickers which are a great way to make your audience engage with you. Their responses to these stickers will increase engagement. You may add poll stickers or question stickers etc. to get the response from your audience.

Also, you may frequently make story videos to keep your audiences informed about the ongoing activities of your brand. Use the wide range of story templates provided by Instagram video maker to help you in creating exciting stories for your Instagram audience.

  1. Share Relatable Memes:

Who doesn’t like a funny meme these days? Another great idea to increase engagement is to share relatable memes on your Instagram account. People love watching memes and give a large response to them. 

You may download the meme template from Google and then with the help of Instagram video editors, you may edit it according to your requirements. When you post the right meme on your profile, your audience’s likes, comments, and shares start flooding in.

  1. Create Exciting Instagram Reels:

People using Instagram spend most of their time watching these reels and sharing them with their friends. Reels are among the most effective ways to increase engagement on your Instagram account.

As a brand, you should be aware of what your targeted audience demands from you on Instagram. Keeping that view creates exciting reels for your account.

You may create a catchy advertisement for your product, or maybe do a challenge video and post it on reels. People adore these reels so much and they give you a huge opportunity to promote yourself as a brand. 

The more time people spend watching your reels, the more engagement your brand will enjoy. Make sure your Reels are much impressive and engaging.

Again with the help of extensive features provided by these free Instagram video makers, you can create lovely reels for your brand. 

  1. Manage Live Sessions:

Managing live sessions for your brand can significantly help you increase engagement on your account. When you are going live, hundreds or even thousands of people are watching you and interacting with you.

Their responses in the comments and their reactions give a boost to your engagement on Instagram. This helps you engage with your audience in an advanced way.

  1. Host Giveaways:

You can also increase engagement on your Instagram account by holding an enticing giveaway contest. You may ask your customers to comment on your post five times to participate in the giveaway draw. Then you may award certain prizes to the winners.

These giveaways are much liked by the audience and they help you to engage with your audience pretty well. 

  1. Post Consistently:

The consistency with which you post on your Instagram also has a significant impact on your engagement. People always want to know about the ongoing activities of your brand. 

Thus you need to post almost every other day to stay in touch with your audience and keep them engaged. Where it may seem that creating and posting content on a regular basis is a tough job to do so, the wide variety of Instagram video editors has made it much easier.

You don’t even have to put in a lot of effort to create content on a daily basis. These free Instagram video makers have hundreds of free video templates, which you can use in your videos to make them look even more appealing. 

Your audience’s daily response to these posts determines how successful your strategy had been and how well you engaged with them.

  1. Post When Your Audience is Most Engaged:

Posting at times when your target audience is mostly present on Instagram will help you gain more engagement on your posts. You may use various applications to check the engagement metrics and see when your audience engaged with your posts the most.

Make a schedule and post according to the times your post received the most engagement in.

  1. Reply to Comments and Queries:

Many clients reach out to your brand via Instagram’s DMs and place their queries. Make sure you reply to those queries timely and give a nice response to their questions. 

Also, try replying to the comments on your post as much as you can. The number of comments on your posts greatly increases your engagement. Try being nice and creative when replying to the comments on your posts.

  1. Collaborate with Instagram Influencers:

Collaborating with various influences on Instagram can also help you boost your engagement.

These influences already have many followers and collaboration with them may drive more audience towards your content which in turn increases the engagement on your posts. 

Final Thoughts:

The success of your Instagram marketing campaigns lies in how well you engage with your audience. Follow the tips above to reach out to the audience and boost your brand’s Instagram engagement.

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