Hair Loss: What Is It and How To Stop It?

Ruby McKenzie
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The overwhelming fear of going bald every time you see your comb filled with hair strands can be petrifying. And while you’ve been taking dozens of multivitamins, following home remedies and oiling your hair regularly, there must be a time when you think nothing’s working. 

Factually speaking, hair shedding is quite common, especially considering that we live our lives on the run and are always stressed. Depending upon the cause, hair loss can be temporary or permanent and can happen slowly over a period of time or abruptly. 

So if you are confused about seeing a doctor and looking for how to stop hair fall immediately, this article might be for you. Read on to know the symptoms of hair loss and what can you do to control it. 

Hair Loss Symptoms

Recognizing the symptoms of hair loss can be a little tricky. It’s more than just losing unusual amounts of hair. 

Here are some symptoms you might want to check. 

  • Widening of the middle part, which can be a triggering sign of hair getting thin. 
  • If your hair seems higher than usual, it’s a clear sign of hair thinning or hair loss. 
  • Finding excessive hair on combs or pillows.
  • Finding bald patches on your head that might grow over time. 
  • Discovering trains clogged with fallen hair. 
  • Excessive itching, in case the hair fall is caused due to an underlying condition. 

Causes of Hair Loss

Here are some of the reasons why you might be suffering from hair loss-


Conditions like male and female pattern baldness are often caused by the triggering of a genetically-sensitive hormone that reduces the blood flow near the hair follicles. Being genetically disposed to the disease is a common cause of losing hair excessively. 

Autoimmune Conditions

Autoimmune conditions like alopecia areata can result in your immune system attacking the hair follicles, resulting in bald patches that might grow over time. In this condition, you might also notice hair falling off your lashes, eyebrows and other parts of the body. 

Radiation to Chemotherapy

Cancer patients are often treated by exposing the affected part to radiation. Being exposed to radiation can result in rapid loss of hair. However, the hair can grow back once the treatment stops. 

Serious Illness or Other Conditions

You might also suffer from rapid hair loss if you have gone through a shock or a traumatic event. This is often caused due to hormonal changes. Moreover, hormonal changes caused during pregnancy, childbirth and menopause can also result in hair loss. 

Hair loss can also be triggered if-

  • You just started or stopped taking birth control pills.
  • You suffer from malnutrition.
  • You suffer from endocrine disorders.

Thyroid medications and beta-blockers can also cause hair loss. 

How Do You Stop It? 

If you are in search of how to stop hair fall immediately, here’s the thing. You must, first, find out what is causing the hair loss. You can ask your doctor and decide for yourself if you are taking certain medications. 

Here are some of the ways through which you can manage hair loss-

  • Switch to yoga. Your mental health plays a vital role in your hair density. Spending your mornings on a yoga mat can improve your mental health to a great extent, which can, in turn, decrease hair fall. 
  • Focus on eating good. Your hair loss might be a result of malnutrition. Therefore, to get rid of hair loss, take a balanced diet. 
  • Get your hair trimmed every once in three months.
  • Wash water is lukewarm or cold water only. Avoid hot water. 
  • Avoid combing your hair when wet. 
  • Avoid using heating products regularly. 
  • You can go for laser hair therapy

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately? 

There can be a number of reasons why you notice a receding hairline every time you look into the mirror. To get started with your journey, you must find out the cause first. It could be because of an underlying condition or the pills you are taking. To manage hair loss, take out your yoga mats and hit the studio to unwind and relax. 

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