Here Are Some Reasons Why Custom Heaters Are Worth Spending More On

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The most common heaters are the standard conventional heaters. These are often in homes and office spaces. However, having standard heaters begs the question of why custom heaters are worth spending more on.

It is important to get as much information on heaters before buying one. Having information on a heater helps you decide what is best for you. This way, you can purchase the right heater or install the best one that will cater to your needs. 

This article helps you understand the benefits of custom flexible heaters. Knowing these benefits will guide you in making the right heater decisions.

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Benefits of Custom Heaters

Here are a few benefits of custom heaters over standard heaters:

  • Reliability 

A custom heater uses a computer-aided Kapton heating design to monitor the heat discharge amount. The standard heater has rapid heat release and the potential for burns. So, a standard heater does not monitor the heat discharge. So, one advantage worth mentioning is the heat regulation the custom heaters provide.

People tend to avoid the heat sources of standard heaters. This is because the heat source emits so much heat that it can burn you. Unfortunately, this means you cannot enjoy the full heat of the heaters. 

A custom heater combines computer-aided design. This means that it regulates the heat discharge amount.

  • Ease of Installation 

The custom heater is simple to install. It is also simple to incorporate into your current HVAC system. To install it, you may need the help of trained HVAC specialists. Also, custom heater installment agencies can help with installment. 

You can find and get in touch with such services. The installation’s ease of use is perfect. This is because it makes it simple to integrate it with other systems in your home for convenience.

The standard heater is more or less out of date. It lacks modern computerized parts. Thanks to modern technologies, these kinds of systems will be able to require less repair and maintenance.

  • Safety

The custom heaters do not exceed the heat limit. These heaters maintain the standard heat limits. The standard or traditional heaters always exceed these heat limits.

Another benefit of custom heaters is that they have SCR controls. These allow you to control the heat at varying levels. 

Heat control can be effective in combination with alternative heat and cold regulators. Standard heaters, on the other hand, produce excessive temperatures. This makes it difficult to even remain near them. 

Also, they can fall and perhaps hurt people if they do not have efficient emergency shut-off mechanisms. Therefore, new technology is also present in the custom heater.

  • Efficient

Nobody wants to make large payments on heaters. To ensure that you do not pay excessive utility costs, custom heaters are efficient. These custom flexible heaters use a technology that regulates and manages fuel use. 

Ordinary heaters can produce temperatures of up to 1200°C. So, they pile up enormous fuel expenses. On the other hand, custom heaters have various uses; these include providing warmth in outdoor, damp, dusty, and even corrosive environments. 

It can also be used in food processing facilities and naval vessels. Standard heaters can’t possibly compete with these uses.

  • Cost

You must consider the amount of heat you want a custom heater to produce. This helps you to choose what heater to purchase. Between 600 and 1,500 watts are the typical power consumption range for heaters. 

The amount of heat it produces increases with wattage (and the more power it uses). To be sure the heater is efficient and safe—heat your space. You can then calculate the square footage of your room. This will help you review the heater’s specifications.

  • Personal Comfort 

Custom heaters are computer-based. This helps you to regulate the heat when it gets hotter. There is no such allowance for standard heaters. They heat to effect and may burn you if you are too close to the source.

Also, you can use these unique custom heaters for various sizes of rooms. Having these heaters will help you maintain homogeneous heat throughout the room. There are several types of custom heaters. But, the most popular of these is the custom flexible heater.

Flexible Heater Design

Your intended use for the heater will define the custom flexible heater’s size and shape. The custom flexible heater comes in any shape you desire. But, of course, your preference must suit your thermal performance and electrical needs.

The standard flexible heater designs are square, rectangular, and round. You can use size, shape, or contour without compromising reliability to apply direct heat. Using flexible heaters also ensures that heat is adequate and serves its purpose.

Other Types of Heaters

  • Radiant Heater

Radiant heaters heat things and people in a room, not just the air. So someone in front of this type of space heater will feel warm shortly. 

This is an excellent option for your home if you need heat immediately. But remember that there are some risks to radiant heaters as well. They pose a fire risk when too close to combustible or flammable materials. They can also burn people and animals when they touch a source. 

Space heaters should always be at least three feet away from these things on all sides.

  • Combination Heaters

You get the best of both worlds when you use combination heaters. They use a fan to aid in heat distribution. But they are less effective than other space heaters. Nevertheless, they work well in any room of your house.

Electric space heaters generate one unit of heat for every unit of power you use. That means the heaters are 100% energy-efficient. On the other hand, geothermal heat pumps provide three units of heat. That equates to an efficiency of 300 percent.


In conclusion, you should not use a standard heater for most heat needs, moreso, if you need to heat at a specific temperature. Again, the custom heater is the product you should use, especially if you want a heater that is multifaceted and multi-platform compatible.

Get in touch with a professional today to learn more about a custom heater for your needs.

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