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What if you could own a piece of jewelry that lasts for years and features real plant material? Magenta Flowers offers a treasure trove of beautiful pieces of real flower resin jewelry that’ll be there for you to look at. Resin can last longer than other metals, making it the perfect choice on your next project.

When you hear the word “resin,” think of a tangible material that is three-dimensional and handcrafted. It also has incredible durability– it can take on any shape with ease. However, it’s not just for sculptures; resin flowers are increasingly common to become part of jewelry designs in recent years.

A Quick Overview of Resin Jewelry

Resin is an innovative, recyclable material that can be used in many different ways. It is made from natural materials such as plant fibers, oil, and wood, making it biodegradable. Resin jewelry is made in a variety of colors and mixed with metals, wood, or glass. Because it does not scratch or break easily like metal-made jewelry does, resin tries to give customers value for their money by giving them a wider array of choices. Magenta Flower offers different types of resin jewelry including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, shoe toe embellishment and more

Recently, resin jewelry has been a popular new trend in the market because it can be created into a wide variety of colors and/or shapes. The texture of natural stone is felt through the material, which many people desire.

What To Know When It Comes To Resin Flower Jewelry

With the rise of new artificial flowers, or synthetic flowers made from resin, it is now recognized as a “new material” that is literally a new material. These new material flowers look just like natural flowers and feel soft to the touch and light in weight. They are also available in many colors and sizes which makes it easy to match them with any outfit you own.

Things to Know Before Buying Resin Flower Jewelry

Magenta Flowers creates jewelry from flowers that is often used to craft unique pieces for events and specially made for someone you love. They offer a wide variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to choose what’s perfect for your style. Customize a piece of jewelry with your own personal touch!


If you are looking to add your own style to jewelry without spending too much, resin flower jewelry is a great option! The pieces of resin can be stamped with your own design and can also be sanded down to make them unique. It is perfect for gifting to someone special this season. Grab your perfect gifting accessories for your special someone from Magenta Flowers Online.