How Should We Use a TONOR Ring Light for YouTube, Zoom, and Live Streaming?

When approaching an electronics and technology store, it is common these days to see a luminous ring next to the mobile phone shelves that come along with a tripod. It is not the strangest gadget, but rather a product that has become increasingly fashionable, especially in the case of those who spend hours on social networks and want to see the appearance of the content they upload improve.

The ring light is, therefore, a lighting tool made up of several LED lights that until recently was used to improve the appearance of the snapshots that were taken in macro photography and give a little more light to those subjects or objects that had been in front of the camera. Now, its use has spread and it is usually an essential element for those who do their first steps on Instagram, whether professionally or rather amateurishly.

What are their characteristics?

These types of technological tools are very easy to use, so all users can take advantage of the advantages that they offer thanks to their characteristics. As they are lamps that emit light continuously, the effect of the changes made to the objective to be photographed can be seen at all times and it is not necessary to take several test shots to see which one is better. In the same way, as it works with LED lights, it allows you to control both the intensity and the color temperature (something essential for those handier with photography).

Among its technical aspects, it is also worth noting that they are safer than other types of professional bulbs in this case since they do not heat up as much. Finally, and thanks to its circular shape, the lighting obtained is uniform at all times, making it very effective when it comes to making a beauty video.

Its uses

In addition to improving the scenario that is going to be photographed or recorded, especially when the ambient light is rather scarce, a ring of light is a tool that cannot be missing in those snapshots or videos of hairdressing or small details such as showing how the step by step of a manicure is done. 

Brands also make this type of lighting accessory their own in their digital and marketing projects, since they provide a plus of professionalism when it comes to immortalizing all kinds of products, as well as serving to make video calls, streaming videos to tell the benefits of a service or live broadcasts of an event or a public intervention.

In the latter case, in addition to this tool, other types of accessories usually come to improve the result of the photograph or video in question, such as a support, different filters, a plug adapter, a support for the same smartphone, and a bag of transportation. In addition, more sophisticated models even have Bluetooth connectivity.

How to use a ring light?

When starting to use a ring light, it is best to adjust it to medium intensity at first, which is then modified according to lighting needs. Of course, the correct way to place it is in front of the person or object to be photographed and place the mobile or camera in the middle of the circle with the help of the tripod. This is the most common and frequent position, but this electronic device offers several options with the idea of ​​changing the frame.

If, for example, a beauty tutorial is going to be done, it is important to bring this light closer and place it at eye level to, in this way, achieve soft and uniform lighting throughout the face. Of course, care must be taken if the person wears glasses since reflections can occur. To avoid this, just move it away or tilt it a little. After these initial steps, all that remains is to configure the color temperature (sometimes even simulating that it is daytime), as well as the brightness intensity if you want the colors to be seen more clearly.

Which product is recommended?

We recommend TONOR TRL-20!

The TRL-20 provides 3 color modes to choose from. Not only 3 color modes, but there are also 10 brightness levels with a color temperature range from 2700K-6500K. Thus there are always options for TikTok, Makeup, YouTube, Zoom Conference, and more. 

The type of light is soft and bright because it is supported by 160 high-quality LED bulbs and they are packaged in a 12″ ring light. In general, ring lights on the market only have a size of 10″ so this TRL-20 is able to emit light with a higher intensity. But don’t worry because the light emitted is quite soft and even so the risk of eye glare can be ignored. 

This lamp is quite durable because it can function properly for up to 20 thousand hours of use thanks to the technology of overvoltage protection and electrostatic protection. There is a tripod stand that can be adjusted in height from 16″ to 52″. Not only that, its triangular structure and anti-slip rubber material are two reasons why it is very stable. That way you can achieve the perfect angle without worrying about it losing balance. Interested? You can purchase this fantastic ring light via the Amazon link. We hope this information was helpful.