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How to Catch Stardew Valley Angler Fish, Location, Difficulty, Seasons, Guide

This article is about everything you need to know about fishing Angler Fish in Stardew Valley. To be able to catch Angler Fish in Stardew Valley, you must first have a fair idea of its location and difficulty so that you can be well informed of how to catch it. Keep reading to know more details. 

What is Fishing Angler Fish in Stardew Valley? 

Let’s get into it. Fishing is offered as a mini game in Stardew Valley to catch all kinds of fishes in Pelican Town. As early as the second day in Stardew Valley, you receive a letter from a Pelican Town resident named Willy and what he says is below. 


Hello There, 

Just got back from a fishing trip, you should come down to the beach some time. 

I’ve got something for ya. 


He mentions returning from a fishing trip and that you should come down to the beach sometime, as he’s got a gift to give you. 

Making your way down to the beach, offers a cutscene where Willy mentioned that he has enough money for a new fishing rod upgrade. 

Willy Comment 

Finally saved enough to buy me a new rod .

He then passes over his old bamboo rod to you to start with. This fishing rod is great to start with but your fishing experience can be improved by increasing your skill, which will require you to fish more, and having upgraded your fishing rod to better fishing rods. 

How to Catch the Angler Fish in Stardew Valley

The Angler fish is one of the legendary fish that can be found in Pelican Town. It can be anytime the day during fall season. It can be any kind of weather and the difficulty level is 85. You will also know when you are catching this legendary fish because it will have a little hat icon when you are trying to catch the fish. 

Map of Stardew Valley Angler Fish

Summary of Stardew Valley Angler Fish

Fish NameAngler Fish
LocationPelican Town
(Located North of Joja Mart)
Time of DayAny
Size (Inches)17-19
Fishing Level Required3
Legendary FishYes

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fishing Angler Fish in Stardew Valley

What is the Fishing Difficulty of Angler Fish in Stardew Valley?

Catching Angler Fish in Stardew Valley has a fishing difficulty of 85.

What Season and Weather is Good for Catching Angler Fish in Stardew Valley?

The best Season and weather condition for catching Angler Fish in Stardew Valley is Fall season and any weather condition.

What’s the location to find Angler Fish in Stardew Valley and what time?

To catch Angler Fish in Stardew Valley, you first need to know the location where you can find the Angler Fish, Well the location where you can find Angler Fish in Stardew Valley is at Pelican town, North of Joja Mart.


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Try These Tips to Become a Farming Master in Stardew Valley

Here are some new tips that I can suggest to you to try in Stardew Valley farming. If you are a new player, everything here will new and very useful to you. But if you are a stardew valley pro, then you might want to skip this because I assume you know most of the tips I will be giving here.

10. Make sure to plan ahead

Make sure that you plan ahead, every season has 28 days. which means is exactly four weeks in every season. As you may have realized there are certain seeds that grow in every season. There’s only a handful that overlap into the next month, such as wheat that grows in both summer and fall.

Do consider the timing of your crops as any crop that does not fully grow before the end of the season will die. plan out which crops you need for recipes or to use on your farm and to also plan out which crops you want to grow for more gold to be sold.

9. Bundles in the community center

The next one is considering the bundles that are in the community center. If you are completing the community center instead of the Joja mart way there are items and season specific. even though you shouldn’t rush completing the community center, one of the greatest bundles to complete is the pantry bundle. This will unlock the greenhouse on your farm which allows you to grow any crop in any season inside. but to complete this bundle the crops required will be season specific. taking note of these crops to prepare yourself for each season. Otherwise, you will have to wait to the next year to appear to grow these crops. I plan on making a breakdown of these bundles so that you will grow what is required efficiently for each season to hopefully complete this bundle earlier on.

8. Take care of your animals

Remember not to forget feeding the animals. if you are planning to have crops and bonds on your farm, be sure to keep them happy and fed. this can not only affect the amount of produce they produce on your farm, but also the quality of it too. for example, mill compared to the lunch milk. the animal’s friendship works very similar to dating a bachelor or Bachelorette in Stardew Valley. the animals have five hearts and will need 1000 friendship points for five hearts. petting them daily gains your 15 friends your points. milking or shearing them grants you five friendship points and having them eat grass outside gains you eight friendship points. however not feeding them loses you 20 friendship points and not petting them loses you between five to 10 friendship points. taking care of them will determine their produce quality, so always make time to take care of your animals every morning.

7. Fertilizer Knowledge

If you have been playing Stardew Valley for a bit, you should know that there are three different types of fertilizers. normal fertilizer, retaining soil and speed grows. Each of these have two variations to them or three different variations if you work the 1.5 update. knowing and using all three of these will make that much more of a difference. Just like in Tip Number 10, timing is important and being efficient in your timing is important. if you plan on growing certain crops quicker then speed growth is your choice. However, if you want there to be a chance for crops to be watered overnight to save you time and energy then maintaining soil is probably a better choice. basic fertilizer or its better equivalent quality fertilizer are great early fertilizers to increase the crops quality, thus increasing its value in sold, which in turn will make you more money. just like crops fertilizers will generally disappear into the next season unless the crop that you are growing grows into the next season then the fertilizer will stay.

6. Utilize your farm space

If you have chosen a farm that isn’t the normal standard farm, this may apply to you may be a little more limited, which means there is more planning required. Be sure to use every space on your farm as efficiently as you can. If a sprinkler for example isn’t reaching a certain crop, maybe move the sprinkler into a different place, or maybe craft a better sprinkler. If there is some empty space on your farm. Why not use it for some crops? I always suggest you use sprinklers which were available in level two, level six and level nine. Obviously, the Iridium sprinkler at level nine is the better version as it covers more space. either plan on making a bunch of these or buy them once every Friday from Krobus in the sewers if you’ve unlocked them. restrict yourself from having to water your crops so you have more time to explore the depths of Pelican town.

5. Have a knowledge of when Winter is coming.

Winter is the season that most Stardew Valley player’s dislike. not only will it interrupt a lot of the farm situations, but it can also decrease your chances of making a lot of money on your farm. Obviously, any task of other farms such as fishing and mining will be more useful during this season. There are some things you can plan before and when the season starts. for example, grass will disappear from the farm if not eaten by animals or if you haven’t used the scythe on them. Be sure to remember to use your scythe prior to winter. Also, the animals will not leave their respective buildings so be sure to buy them a hay for 2000 goal from Marnie to ensure the animals are kept happy during winter. Upgrade your tools and your buildings whilst grabbing supplies and preparing yourself for spring.

4. Maximize the sell value of your crop

It may be fun to make your farm look pretty using different crops, but every crop in the game will sell for different amounts and the stock quality rating will also affect that keep these in mind when planting your crops. If your crops are used for making money and not used for recipes, keep in mind which crops are best to sell. for example, for spring rhubarb in your second year is the most valuable crop to sell. the seed is bought for 100 gold from the Oasis and has a base sell price of 220 Gold which is 120 Gold profit minimum per crop, otherwise it will be cauliflower which the seed is sold for 80 gold and has a base sell of 175 Gold which is a 95 Gold base sell price. compared to parsnip which has a base sell price of 10 gold per crop. These other crops sound like a better idea.

3. Energy consumption.

This might be a no brainer, but energy consumption in Stardew Valley is quite important. Depending on what your plans are for the day, you may need to equip yourself with fruit to sustain yourself throughout the day. For example, if your farm has no sprinklers, but many crops you may find yourself sitting on your farm watering your crops for half the day, meaning you have less time to go fishing or to go to the mines or to love your favorite character. Be sure to keep your energy usage on your farm to a minimum, or keep random food handy with you. plan out your days and get off your phone to enjoy the day.

2. Chests for a better organization.

Using chest not only a great way to organize your items efficiently, but can also assist in your daily if not seasonal tasks. such as having a chest of items or crop specific for each season is a great way to avoid confusion and running around your farm. Keep your chest for things like going to the mines or certain communality like carving pieces or minerals. I highly suggest having a space initial specific for these chests. Be sure to check these regularly in case there are items needed for the museum or crops that have no other use than to be sold for a profit. being organized with your items and your chests can make that much more of a difference.

1. Utilizing the Greenhouse

As mentioned previously, there’s no need to rush to the community center if this is your chosen route of gameplay. but the greenhouse can be very beneficial especially earlier on. I will suggest reserving the greenhouse for crops that sell for a long as any crop can grow within the greenhouse at any time. The spacing of the greenhouse is a 12 by 10 spacing. However, sprinklers can be placed inside and they can be placed around the crop flooring, giving you the space to place down either 16 quality sprinklers to cover 108 crop spaces or 6 Iridium sprinklers to cover 116 crop spaces. If you’ve gotten yourself the 1.5 update. The best layout for your greenhouse is shown below.

As you can see that is five Iridium sprinklers with pressure nozzles on them to reach 119 crops. Crops. other crops such as coffee beans, cranberries, and blueberries are also a great idea as they will continue to produce crops even after harvesting. also, fruit trees can grow indoors and they will always produce fruit no matter the season. keep preserve jars around the trees to preserve your fruit to make even more income from them.

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Easy Stardew Valley farming ideas that are very effective

Farming has always been considered as a highly responsible action in Stardew Valley, but what’s a farm without some plans? Now, there is no right or wrong way to farm, you can farm however you please. But in your later game, your preference in planting is highly dependent on the amount of money it makes you.

1. Planting of Crops

The quality of your crops is determined by your farming level and dependent on the type of soil that the seed is planted in.

In Stardew valley there are three basic types of soils, there is a normal soil of just planting your seed in a normal ground plot. There is soil with basic fertilizer which is unlocked at level two of farming and quality fertilizer which is unlocked at level nine of farming. There’s also another fertilizer in the game but it is in the new 1.5 update so I’ll keep that as a surprise to those who haven’t reached that level.

For quick example, a normal soil at farming level one, there was a 91% chance for a regular crop, 6% chance for silver and 31% for gold. However, at level five of farming at the basic fertilizer there’s a 42% chance for regular quality, 35% chance for silver, and 23% for gold. You want gold quality for your crops increase it stat of health and energy, and for the value of the crop to increase.

2. Gaining Experience

Gaining experience from harvesting crops varies from crop to crop, generally the more expensive the crop is, the more experienced you will get from harvesting it. for example, in spring parsnip grants you 8 (eight) experience. however, cauliflower grants you 23 (twenty-three) experience.


For Spring, the crop that offers the most experience and money is ancient fruit, it can be crafted from Ancient Seeds found in the mines.


For summer, Starfruit is the second highest value crop in Stardew Valley. The seeds are sold at the Desert trader or Gunther will give it to you as a reward when 15 items have been handed in at the museum. for your first playthrough melon is the best pick or red cabbage for your second year.


For Fall, Sweet Gem Berry sells for the most and offers the most experience. The seeds are harder to get as they are sold as received from the Traveling Merchant, she’ll only sell one to five in spring or summer per season, so be sure to buy them as often as possible. You can only sell the fruit once it’s grown. Make more seeds out of the fruit using the same maker. For your first playthrough, pumpkin will be the best thing you can buy.

3. Speed Gro

Speed-Gro is type of fertilizer that will increase the growing process of a crop, a normal Speed Gro increases the speed by 10%, which is unlocked at level three of farming and Deluxe Speed Gro increases this to 25%, and it’s unlocked at level eight of farming. You can increase the speed even more when leveling your level five perk where your crops are worth 10% more to unlock a perk called agriculturalist, which allows crops to grow 10% Faster, granting a max 35% with Deluxe Speed Gro. And yes, there is another speed gro available and it is included in the 1.5 update. the stat of that increases the growth rate to 33% and with your level 10 perk, that’s 43% in total.

4. Plants that Regrow or Need Replanting

Here are mention of plants that regrow after their plants have been harvested and plants that you do need to replant their seeds.


For spring, crops that regrow include ancient fruit, Strawberries, Cactus, Green Beans, and Coffee. Crops that need to be replanted are Rhubarb, Cauliflower, Kale, Potato, Garlic, Blue jazz Parsnip, Julep and unmilled Rice.


For summer, crops that regrows include Tomato, Blueberry, Corn, Hot Pepper and Hops. Crops that need to be replanted are Star Fruit, Red Cabbage, Melon, Poppy, Radish, Summer Spangle, Sunflower and Wheat.


For fall, crops that regrows include Cranberries, Grapes and Eggplant but crops that need to be replanted are sweet gems, Pumpkins, Fairy Rose, Artichoke, Yams, Amaranth, Beets and Bok Choy.

5. The community center and their bundles.

If you’re going for Community Center play through instead of choosing the JoJa Mart, the plants you’ll need to plant include;

  • For the spring crops bundle, grow; parsnip, green bean, cauliflower and potato.
  • For the summer club bundle, grow; tomatoes, hot pepper blueberry and melons.
  • For the fall crop bundle, grow; corn, eggplant, pumpkin and yams.

For the quality crop bundle, you’ll need to grow three out of the four items mentioned, and have the medical quality grade.

  • Parsnip in spring
  • Melon in summer,
  • Pumpkin in fall and or corn in summer or fall.

For the artisan bundle, you can either plant the trees required or choose the Batcave on your farm for 3.6% chance that the bats will drop the fruits you want. the samplings for these fruits are sold at Pierre’s and we’ll take 28 days to mature. Remember this, as they won’t produce fruit until after the 28 days, so plant the trees before they are on season.

  • In spring plant, cherry and apricot.
  • In Fall plants, pomegranate and apples.
  • In summer plant, orange and peaches.

For the bulletin board bundle, separate from the pantry bundle, there are plants you’ll need.

  • Plant sunflower in summer or fall.
  • Plants Poppy in summer.
  • Plant red cabbage in your second year of summer.
  • Plant 10 weeds in summer or fall.
  • Plant three apple trees in fall.

6. Leveling up in farming

Each level in Farming will grant you useful items for your farm. Here are the items that I believe are useful for each level. level one unlocks fertilizer, I would highly suggest using them earlier on. It also unlocks the recipe for scarecrows which should be placed on your farm to prevent crops from being eaten. Level two unlocks the recipe for a mayonnaise machine. There are four types of mayonnaise made, and they only come from coop animals. Level three unlocks the bee house, which produces honey and can be sold for flat 100 gold or place next to a flower that is grown, it will produce a type of honey depending on that flower.

  • In spring, Tulip honey can be sold for 160 gold and blue jeans honey can be sold for 200 gold.
  • In summers, sunflower honey can be sold for 260 Gold. summers spangle honey can be sold for 280 gold and poppy honey can be sold for 380 Gold.
  • In Fall, fairy rose honey can be sold for the most at 680 Gold. Level Three will also unlock speed – gro for a 10% speed increase on crops.

Level four unlocks the recipe for preserved jars to turn any vegetable or fruit into pickles or jelly, which increases the crop sell price by twice, plus 50 Gold.

Level five allows you to choose between two professions, either animal products being worth 20% more or crops being worth 10% more.

Level six unlocks the cheese press recipe for the milk produced by the cows or grown on your farm and quality sprinklers.

Level seven unlocks the recipe for learn to make cloth out of wool.

Level eight unlocks a lot of useful items. The recipe for oil makers is unlocked. You can place corn, sunflower seeds, or some flowers to make basic oil or place truffles that pigs produce to make truffle oil. These can be sold for a lot of money, or you can craft them into a rain Totem. They’re also required in an artisan bundle for the community center. cakes are highly suggested by most experienced Stardew Valley players.

Craft juice out of vegetables to increase their sale price by 2.25 times. wine from fruits which increases their sell price by three times, or a specific beverage like coffee from coffee beans, or made from honey.

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Abigail Stardew Valley, Hearts Events, Gifts, Likes and Dislikes, Relationship

Abigail is the most interesting Character in Stardew Valley to marry, and yeah that’s definitely a fact not an opinion. She is the best of course because she is the most interesting.

Biography of Abigail

Abigail is a Pelican Town villagers who resides in Pierre’s General Store. She is one of twelve characters who can be married.

“Abigail lives at the general store with her parents. She sometimes fights with her mom, who worries about Abigail’s “alternative lifestyle”. Her mom has the following to say: “I wish Abby would dress more appropriately and stop dyeing her hair blue. She has such a wonderful natural hair color, just like her grandmother did. Oh, and I wish she’d find some wholesome interests instead of this occult nonsense she’s into.” You might find Abigail alone in the graveyard, or maybe out in a rainstorm looking for frogs.”

Summary of Abigail Stardew Valley

BirthdayFall 13
Lives inPelican Town
AddressPierre’s General Store
FamilyPierre and Caroline
FriendsSam and Sebastian
Best GiftsAmethyst, Banana Pudding, Blackberry Cobbler,
Chocolate Cake, Pufferfish, Pumpkin, Spicy Eel

Schedules of Abigail

She’ll typically be standing on the bridge east of Pierre’s General Store on sunny days in the Spring/Summer/Fall. She has an appointment with the clinic on the 4th of March. Note that she may not be in the locations listed below on rainy days.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

9:00 AMLeaves her room to go to the kitchen.
10:30 AMLeaves the kitchen to stand in Pierre’s store.
1:00 PMLeaves the house to go to stand on bridge near JojaMart.
1:30 PMStanding on the bridge near JojaMart.
4:30 PMHeads home.
5:20 PMIn her room, playing video games.
7:30 PMGoes to bed.


10:00 AMLeaves home to go to Museum.
12:00 PMInside Museum library looking at books.
6:00 PMWalks to the Graveyard.
7:00 PMStanding in front of Mona’s grave.
10:00 PMHeads home.
10:40 PMArrives at home.


9:00 AMLeaving her room to go to the kitchen.
11:00 AMLeaves the kitchen to stand in Pierre’s General Store.
3:00 PMLeaving home to go to the Saloon.
3:50 PMIn The Stardrop Saloon, sitting on a sofa in the arcade.
9:00 PMHeads home.
9:40 PMArrives home.


9:00 AMIn her room.
10:30 AMLeaves her room to go into Caroline and Pierre’s room.
1:00 PMLeaving home to go to the Wizard’s Tower.
4:00 PMNear Wizard’s Tower in Cindersap Forest.
8:00 PMHeads home.
10:30 PMArrives home.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

9:00 AMLeaving her room to go to the kitchen.
11:00 AMLeaves home, walks to the Train Platform.
1:00 PMWaiting in front of the Train Platform.
2:00 PMWalks to the lake east of the Carpenter’s Shop.
3:00 PMStanding by The Mountain lake east of the Carpenter’s Shop.
5:30 PMHeads home.
7:30 PMArrives home.
8:00 PMPlays video games.
8:10 PMGoes to bed.


10:00 AMLeaves home to go to the library
12:00 PMInside library, looking at books.
6:00 PMWalks to Graveyard.
7:00 PMStanding in front of Mona’s grave.
10:00 PMHeads home.
10:40 PMArrives at home.


9:00 AMLeaving her room to go to the kitchen.
11:00 AMLeaves the kitchen to stand in Pierre’s General Store.
3:00 PMLeaving home to go to the The Stardrop Saloon.
3:50 PMIn The Stardrop Saloon, sitting on a sofa in the arcade.
9:00 PMHeads home.
9:40 PMArrives home.


10:30 AMLeaves her room to go into Caroline and Pierre’s room.
1:00 PMLeaves home, walks to the Wizard’s Tower.
4:00 PMStanding in front of the Wizard’s Tower in Cindersap Forest.
8:00 PMHeads home.
10:30 PMArrives home.

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