How to fix Toyota Rav4 sun visor

A low-cost way to prevent your Toyota Rav4 from flashing. A car sun visor is a useful accessory that lies just above the windshield. It has a hinged flip that is assisted by a feature that can be modified. Its aim is to prevent the sun’s harmful glare from obstructing the driver’s vision.

Before you jump on ways to repair a sunscreen in your Toyota Rav4, you need to know how it was originally built to properly understand the problem. The structure of a sun visor was once very plain.

It consists of a single piece of fiberboard, wrapped with vinyl or clothing, and fixed to the hinge on the upper side of the windshield. The basic aim of this part is to prevent the sunlight from blocking the view.

Some sunscreens come with prefixed mirrors. But many of the modernly fitted sunscreens now have a mirror that lights up automatically. When we’re talking about the sun visor. There are a lot of complaints about this.

How to fix Toyota Rav4 Sun Visor?

Until you start repairing it. Make sure your Toyota Rav4 is in the right spot. Remove the sun visor from its extended arm and hold it aside. Now gently insert the flat screwdriver under the hinge (which is the part that attaches to the roof) and turn it slightly to remove the cover.

Removing the cover is likely to reveal you to two metal clips. Take the hinge out now. Once it’s over. You can see more clearly the metal clips. At this point, you need to know the specifics location of each clip. Remove the clips and bring them back in the exact position.

Slit the visor’s clothing to bring the swing arm anchor back to its position. To make sure it’s still going to stick to its position. Attach a strip of aluminium to it. Protect the strip by drilling the holes and attach it to the screws. Attach stitches to your clothes and bring your hinge back in place, and you’re able to enjoy a working sun view again.

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