Tips on Stardew Valley Ice Cream Stand And Its Operations

The Ice Cream Stand can be found in a location that is immediately to the east of the bridge that leads to the Blacksmith shop and the Museum. During the summer months, it is only available when it is not raining, when it is not Wednesday, and when Alex is working the register between the hours of 1 and 5 p.m. Ice cream can be purchased there when it is open, and Haley can frequently be found standing next to the stand. Because of this, it is a good location to look for her during the summer months.

They won’t be able to buy ice cream after the player marries Alex because he won’t have a job there anymore after the wedding. Even after Alex gets married, Haley will continue to frequent the store.

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NameDescriptionpurchase Pricerestores
Ice CreamIt’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like this.250g+100
H 45


If the player parks their horse behind the ice cream stand when nobody is there, they can buy ice cream at any time, during any season. The horse must be parked in the correct spot near the center at the back of the stand.



Open Hours1pm to 5pm during Summer
ClosedWednesday Rain Rainy days
adressedNext to the museum