Jack Posobiec Biography, Career Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Height, Nationality

Jack Posobiec is an American Polish, who is into different kind of works. Jack Posobiec is an alt-right
political advocate who mostly likes passing information on twitter about the former American President
Donald Trump, that is to say: he mostly passes comments about white people constitute to a superior race and anti- Semitic signs and discussions including the white genocide conspiracy theory. Jack Posobiec is also a television reporter and a presenter, He is also occupied with other jobs like deception theorist and provocateur. He was also an exponent of the “Stop the Steal” movement. Jack Posobiec once worked with One American News Network and also was a far-right cable news television channel, as a political reporter and on air presenter.


Posobiec is a Polish adequate raised in Norristown, Pennsylvania to a family of Polish ample .He
attended his high school in Kennedy-Kenrick Catholic High School and later on advanced to collage
known as Temple University. Jack once ended up standing as a leader and was able to achieve his aim by
becoming the chairman of the Temple University Collage Republicans. Whiles in collage Posobiec set a
Student Section which was for Academic Freedom, that was constituted as a corporation that sprinted a
firm known as David Horowitz Freedom Center. While in collage Jack applied for a summer internship
to work with the U.S Senator Rick Santorum and He was giving a go ahead, to work with the U.S Representative Curt Weldon’s misfired reelection campaign in 2006 .Jack graduated from the University
Temple in the year 2006 with a double certificates known a the political science and a broadcast


After Posobiec graduated from the University of Temple, He was employed into the United State
Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China. Later on, Jack went into the movie industry and ended up by
playing a slight role in a firm which is known as Forbidden Kingdom which came out in 2008.Posobiec
was later on employed into a radio station known as the WPHT, as a conservative talker and also for the
movement of Steve Johnson in the 2010 Pennsylvania Lieutenant Gubernatorial election. Aside been a
radio conservative talker, Jack also assisted various tour in the U.S Navy Reserve from 2010 to 2017,
hitting up the rank of lieutenant junior grade. Jack later on,went on post for ten months at Guantanamo
Bay Naval Base from September 2012 and later on decide to join the Office of Naval Intelligence. To talk
of the 2016 election, Posobiec was appointed as the administrator of Citizens for Trump and a pro-Trump
corporation but not a formal group. Jack Posobiec later on resigned from his full time civilian position at
ONI, to emphases that, his help for Trump led into a toxic work environment in March 2017.Jack was
suspended in his security clearance and was under discussion.


Jack Posobiec the American Polish was born on December 14, 1985 in Norristown, Pennsylvania in the
United State. Jack turned 36 last year and always celebrate with his family. Posobiec is married to an amazing wife with only a son. The name of his wife is known as Tanya Tay. He got married to his wife since 2017 and they are still together with their wonderful son, whose identity is not yet disclosed to the internet.


Based on Jack’s multiple career, his net worth is approximately known between $1million to $5million.To
talk of his current salary as a political activist he’s worth of between $45,500 to $112,500.That is to say,
his income is mainly allocated to his political activist.

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In conclusion, base on his multiple career as a political activist, he was able to promote the lead to “Stop
the Steal” campaign that took of the doubt on the uprightness of the 2016 and 2020 American Presidential election. Posobiec also used His fame to improve the Russian military intelligence function.