Jada Pinkett Smith is hoping for a reconciliation between Will Smith and Chris Rock.

Los Angeles, US, June 1 (EFE).- After more than two months have passed since the slapping incident at the Oscars, actress Jada Pinkett Smith hopes that her husband, Will Smith, and comedian Chris Rock will have the opportunity to heal and reconcile with one another.

At the Academy Awards in March, Will Smith walked onto the stage in the middle of the ceremony and slapped presenter Chris Rock after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s close-cropped haircut. Jada suffers from alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss, and Rock made the joke in response to Jada’s haircut.

She stated this on the show that she hosts on Facebook Watch called Red Table Speak. “My deepest desire is that these two brilliant and capable guys have the opportunity to heal, talk things out, and reconcile,” she said.

Given the current situation of the globe, not only do we require both of them, but we also require one another more than ever before. To pass the time until then, Will and I will continue to do what we have been doing for the past 28 years, which is to continue working together to figure out what it is that they term “life.”

In the most recent episode of her talk show, Pinkett Smith welcomed as a guest the mother of Rio Allred, who was 12 years old and had committed suicide as a result of being ridiculed because she had alopecia.

Regarding alopecia, this “Red Table Talk” is of the utmost significance. Pinkett Smith has stated that she has been contacted by thousands of people who want to share their experiences in light of what she has been through and what took place at the Oscars.

“I am utilizing this occasion to offer our alopecia family the chance to communicate about what it is like to have this condition, and I am also using this opportunity to enlighten people about what alopecia actually is,”

Even after Smith offered an apology and withdrew from his membership in the Hollywood Academy, Chris Rock has not yet made any public statements regarding the incident.

Will Smith, who had won the prize for best lead actor at the same edition of the Oscars, was barred from participating in the organization’s activities for the following ten years. EFE