Julie Lauren Curtis Bio, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Height, Family, Husband and Career

It’s a well knowledge that Julie Lauren Curtis was formerly married to Trace Adkins. He is a well-known singer and performer in the United States who is associated with the genre of country music. In 1996, with the release of the song “Dreamin’ Out Loud,” Adkins made his debut with Capitol Records Nashville. Due to the turbulent nature of their relationship, Julie and Trace are also currently in the public eye.


Country:United States
Divorce:Trace Adkins m. 1991–1994
Ethnicity:White Caucasian
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Full Name:Julie Lauren Curtis
Hair Color:Black

Date of birth and age of Julie Lauren Curtis

Julie Lauren Curtis date of birth is March 1974 and she is 48 years old as of 2022 and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Julie Lauren Curtis’s Relationship Situation

Since she split her time with Adkins, she lives in the shadows in her relationship with Julie. From now on, she will not reveal who she is dating. For the time being, she appears to have been a good partner, but details are unavailable due to her limited life.
Curtis is also rarely seen in the public, and she isn’t known for her love affairs. She would be able to focus solely on her work and ignore her personal life. So, sooner or later, we’ll make sure you update your relationship status information.

Previously married

Julie has previously been married to country musician Trace Adkins, as previously stated. In the early 1990s, the former couple began dating after a brief acquaintance. Similarly, in 1991, the pair exchanged marriage vows for a few years. Despite the fact that they had a terrific start, their marriage barely lasted two years.

After the split, Julie shot Adkins with a gun. The musician, though, lived to see another day, and his relationship with Julie came to an end. In addition, Adkins was married three times over his life. He was married to Barbara Lewis at the time. After his divorce from Curtis, he married Rhonda Forlaw, a long-time friend and music publicist.

Mackenzie Adkins, Brianna Adkins, and Trinity Adkins are the couple’s three children from their marriage.

Nationality of Julie Lauren Curtis

Julie Lauren Curtis is an American citizen who, based on her family history, can be classified as White Caucasian.

net worth

Julie Lauren Curtis could have made a nice living off of her career. She did not, however, provide any information about her profession. By 2020, she is expected to have a net worth of roughly $500,000. Julie was also born as the wife of Trace Adkins, an American country artist. By 2020, Trace will have a net worth of $19 million. His career as a musician brought him a lot of money.

Adkins has also charted more than twenty people on Billboard’s country music chart. “The Ladies Love Country Boys,” (This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing,” and You’re Gonna Miss This” are among her songs. His song, I Left Something Turned in Home, reached No. 1 on the Canadian country chart.

Who is Julie Lauren Curtis Ex-Husband?

The fact that Julie is romantically involved with Trace Adkins is primarily what has brought her into the public eye. Therefore, her ex-husband Tracy Adkins is a well-known country singer and actor in the United States. His debut studio album, Dreamin’ Out Loud, was launched by Capitol Records Nashville in 1996, marking the beginning of his career.

After he first began his professional career, he has since released a total of 10 more studio albums in addition to two collections of his greatest hits. Over the course of his lengthy career, the country music singer Trace had more than 20 singles that charted on the Billboard charts. Among these were the number-one hits “This Ain’t No Thinkin’ Thing,” “Ladies Love Country Boys,” and “You’re Gonna Miss This,” which reached their peaks in the years 1997, 2007, and 2008, respectively.