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Kateharrise is an adult film actress who works on PH. In the adult entertainment industry, adult videos and camming are other categories you can enjoy. While some prefer to record adult videos and publish them on top platforms like PH, Fansly, and so on, others also prefer to stick to only recording videos, and some prefer to do both. You may have been enjoying Kateharrise’s videos, but your knowledge of her is limited. Well, I can tell you that she is not only beautiful outside; she is also beautiful inside, and her story about how she started her career in the adult film industry is very interesting.


Kateharrise was born and raised in a humble home with her siblings. As the saying goes, even as a child, you will undoubtedly exhibit signs of who you will become in the future. In this case, Kateharrise demonstrated her interest in becoming a model at a young age. In the present day, she has become a popular adult actress, entertaining thousands of followers. Prnhub is a platform that houses thousands of Camgrils, adult actresses, actors, and Camboys. While some of these adult stars require that you access their profiles, you can only view their contents by making a payment as a form of subscription. Kateharrise profile is free to access on PH, and when you get interested by viewing her profile, you can join those who have followed her and get updates on her new videos.

Wiki Summary

Country of birthUnknown
Date of birth4 January, 2006
Age18 years
Height in Inches5 ft 4 in
Height in Centimeters163 cm
Weight in pounds116 lbs
Weight in kilograms53 kg
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBrown
Net worth$200,000

What is the age of Kateharrise?

Kateharrise was born in Gen Z; that’s the main reason why she is so vibrant when you watch her videos. She was born on 4 January, 2006. And currently, she is 18 years old. I’m hopeful that she is still going to be very active in this industry for years to come.


The adult film industry places a high value on personal appearance, leading some actors to enhance their bodies to position themselves as possessing unique physical attributes. Kateharrise possesses inherent qualities that enhance her beauty. Blonde hair, which runs all the way beyond her shoulders, and her height, which is around 5 feet 4 inches tall. Furthermore, her beautiful tattoo on her left arm complements her appearance to a great degree.

Net Worth

Setting up a professional environment just to kick start recording adult videos requires money, so having fans alone cannot be enough grounds for people to start adult film careers. Kateharrise took up the opportunity to start x-rated contents because she wanted to gain financial freedom, and luckily enough, that is paying off. Currently, her net worth is impressive, and a little computation will help here. Taking into account her length of time in the industry, the number of subscribers she has on PH and OnlyF, We can boldly estimate her net worth to be approximately $200,000.

Who is Kateharrise’s boyfriend?

Love is beautiful, and everyone deserves love. The only point of contention lies in the fact that adult stars typically have no interest in romantic relationships. It is common to find their relationship status to be either single or open. The status of Kateharrise’s relationship is unknown at the moment, but I hope to learn more soon.

Who has Kateharrise featured in her videos?

To be successful and become prominent in the industry, she had to feature several top industry players to broaden her fanbase. However since Kateharrise is a camgirl, she is always cool doing solo cams.

Frequently asked questions of Kateharrise

What is the nationality of Kateharrise?

Kateharrise’ country of origin is not known at the moment.

How old is Kateharrise?

Kateharrise is still below thirty years. She was born on 4 January, 2006 and she is now 18 years old.

Does Kateharrise have any tattoo?

Yes she has no tattoo but she is a piercing that looks good on her.

What is the net worth of Kateharrise?

She has a net worth that is about $200,000

What is the height of Kateharrise?

Her height is 5 ft 4 in.

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