Kristina Alice Biography, Net Worth, Age and New Updates

Many social media users today like Kristina Alice are not just on the platform to view images or videos and comment but rather maker a good living out of it, for a social media freak Kristina Alice, she has moved a step ahead to make the best out of her social media platform to make a decent living while having fun my posting awesome videos and photos. She has been able to earned for herself a significant number of followers who loves what she does.  Let’s explore her Wiki below.


Kristina Alice came in this world on Australian soil, that is, she was born in Australia on 29th December 1999. She is by this having a Zodiac sign of Capricorn. Clearly, social media was not available during her youthful days, so I doubt whether she knew who she would become when she grows up. This goes to say that she is a dynamic kind of person who would take opportunities available to them at any given time and make the best out of it. In most of her videos she likes to use facial expressions like smiling, raising eye browse and others just to make you feel what she is trying to communicate. 

She was previously known for being on some popular YouTube channels like; Bobby’s, Franny’s etc. 

Relationship Status of Kristina Alice 

It will be very surprising to see this beautiful goddess not dating anyone, we recently saw her dating one popular guy whose name is Ethan Dolan after kissing him in a party video. Well probably she had feelings for him already or there was something already in motion which we did not know about. 

Occupation of Kristina Alice

Kristina Alice is someone who has a lot of influence on the internet especially social medias like Instagram where she has about 1.3 Million followers and TikTok where she has over 100,000 followers and still counting. Her occupation can me called as a brand influencer since her influence can to come extent compel her followers to patronize some goods or services. 

Things she likes to do in her videos

In her videos she likes to dance, she also likes to record videos of animals whiles she plays with them.  You really will enjoy watching such adorable videos of hers. 

Body Type 

Kristina Alice has an average height which is 5’5ft tall, with brown hair which is above shoulder level. She has curvy body type that gets a lot of guys starring whenever she passes by. She certainly does not play with her exercises. 

What’s her net worth?

Kristina Alice is net worth is increasing by each day, according to some other online sources which are very credible, she is seen to worth between an amount of $ 250,000 to $ 725,000


Date of Birth29th December 1999.
OccupationSocial Media Star
Net worth$ 250,000 to $ 725,000


Kristina Alice is a perfect example of how one person can have an enormous influence on the internet. She has used her social media channels to build relationships with followers and incorporate their feedback into what she posts, which in turn increases engagement. Her Instagram account has over 40,000 followers and TikTok has more than 100,000 subscribers who follow her content as well. As a result of these numbers alone you should pay attention to what types of messages are resonating with your audience because it’s possible that they might work for you too! What do you think? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 

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