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Laya DeLeon Hayes

Young actress, singer, and dancer Laya DeLeon Hayes hails from the United States of America. Laya DeLeon Hayes has had roles on the television shows Haunted Hathaways and Grey’s Anatomy. In addition to that, she was picked up for a role in the movie Sister Code.


The young actress was born on June 22, 2004, and has been a part of this planet ever since. Laya was raised in Grand Prairie, Texas, despite the fact that she was born in Charlotte, North Carolina.
She was born in the United States of America and has a mixed ancestry that includes both Filipino and All-American blood.

She is her parents Kevin Hayes and Gina Deleon’s sole child together with no siblings. Her grandfather, who has passed away, was a veteran of the United States Navy who served in retirement.
She is currently enrolled in a high school, but she has not released the name of the institution she attends.


Since she was five years old, Laya has been performing in theater, singing, and dancing. She has been seen in a number of national advertisements and has guest starred on the television shows Cougar Town, Grey’s Anatomy, and Chicago Fire, among others.

In addition to that, she was picked up for a role in the movie Sister Code. In addition, she had a role in the TV movie Santa Hunters, which was broadcast on Nickelodeon in 2014. Two episodes of the NBC drama Chicago Fire, which starred Jesse Spencer, included her as a guest star.

Beginning with season 3, she will once again be using the name “Kiara Muhammad” as the voice of Doc McStuffins. She enjoys performing on stage, singing, and entertaining others just as much as she enjoys rollerblading, riding her bike, and going to amusement parks.

In addition to that, she enjoys drawing and going to the beach; basically, as long as she’s having fun, she’s game for anything. Her astounding talent has left everyone in a state of awe.

In addition to this, she has more than 104 thousand people following her on her Instagram account. She also shares other photos and videos there, in addition to the ones of herself acting as a model for herself.

Amazing photographs and videos that she posts on social media have helped her get followers. Despite this, she is quite good about keeping her admirers up to date on her daily life.

In a similar manner, she is also a video producer on TikTok, where she creates a variety of videos including lip-syncing, dance, transition, and comedy. She has become extremely well-known because to his modeling films, which are frequently accompanied by musical montages and feature lip-syncing.


Laya is only 19 years old and has never been involved in a romantic relationship of any type. Despite this, she is still quite young and has plenty of time to develop romantic interests and relationships in the years to come.

Due to the fact that she is talented and attractive, many boys her age may find themselves smitten with her. It is only a question of time before we see her in a committed relationship with someone. As a result, she does not currently have a boyfriend.

Due to the fact that she is still young, she has managed to shield herself from the potentially damaging influences that come with being a social media presence and a TV actress. Despite this, she has made her career the primary focus of her attention and has given it precedence over other matters.

Age and Date of Birth

Laya Deleon Hayes, who is currently a child actress, was born in the year 2004. Her birthday is on June 22nd, so that’s when we always celebrate it. In the year 2023, she will have reached the age of 19 years old. The date of Laya Deleon Hayes’ birth places her under the astrological sign of cancer.

Net Worth

This young personality possesses a diverse set of skills, therefore it’s safe to assume that they bring in a respectable income. It is possible that she may be able to support herself financially through her acting endeavors and several other forms of entertainment.

There are no specific details available regarding her net worth. On the other hand, she possesses somewhere between one million and five million dollars.

Weight and Height

She is a cute little girl with a smile that will win your heart over. She is not particularly tall but has a good height for her body structure and a weight that is appropriate for her. Despite this, she has a beautiful body figure.

There is no information provided regarding her precise body measurements. In addition to that, she has gorgeous eyes and hair that are a dark brown color.

Wiki Summary

NameLaya Deleon Hayes
Age19 years
Date of BirthJune 22, 2004
ProfessionActress, Dancer and Singer
Net Worth$1 to $5 million
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