Learn How to Bet and Win on eSports in our Betting Guide

Betting on sports has always been an entertaining way for people to spend their time. In 2022, the number of events and betting markets had grown significantly, and now punters can wager on professional video game matches called eSports.

This is a growing sector, with billions in revenue, millions of viewers, and famous players that have become million-dollar winners. In this article, we showcase the different eSports betting options and how to pick winners.

What are eSports?

eSports are video games played in a professional environment for spectators. Companies hold competitions where teams of professional players compete from around the world, with big prizes reaching into the millions.

Most matches are played in a multiplayer competition, with single players going head to head, and teams/squads competing together. eSports started becoming popular in the mid-2000s, as live streaming technology improved. The industry has continued to grow, with millions of global fans who watch the matches live and many who love betting on the action.

These days, the best online casino and sports betting sites feature eSports options. People searching for the best casinos can find reliable operators, with fast payments, wide betting markets, and the best online entertainment.

Most Popular eSports

The eSports industry is gigantic, with many sub-niches catering to all types of video games and digital sports. Some of the most popular eSports categories include Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, First Person Shooters, Fighting, Football, Motorsports, and Real Time Strategy.

The leading global eSports tournaments have millions of viewers, and massive prize pools for competitors in the Rocket League Championship Series, Blast Premier CS:GO, ESL, Valorant Champions Tour, Dota 2 Circuit, PMPL PUBG, and the eLeague, Nations Cup, and World Cup for FIFA.

One of the leading eSports found at betting sites is FIFA. Millions of players love the game, and there are many leagues for professional teams to compete in. FIFA 22 is the latest version of the popular franchise from EA Sports. The betting option for FIFA eSports is similar to traditional football betting markets and includes 1×2, Over/Under, Handicaps, Both Teams To Score, Draw No Bet, and more.

  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
  • DOTA
  • FIFA
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends (LOL)
  • Rocket League
  • Overwatch
  • PUBG
  • Starcraft

Best eSports Betting Markets

The best betting sites feature a fantastic selection of betting markets available for eSports games. Customers can sign up, deposit money, and wager on pre match and live matches, with the leading tournaments covered year-round.

Betting on eSports is the same as betting on any real-world event, and customers can either win or lose money based on the outcome. We’ve listed some of the top eSports betting markets to win money on in 2022.

1. Match Winner: The Match Winner market is the most common option for eSports bettors. This involves picking which player or team will win the match. For example, bookies offer 4.5-1 odds for Bilibili Gaming to beat Victory Five in the LOL LPL tournament. Fans of this team could wager $100 and receive $450 back if they win the game.

2. Map Winner: The Map Winner market is for video games played across different levels, like Overwatch. During the competition, bookmakers will accept bets on which team punters think will be the map winner. To win this bet, the team must be victorious in the round played on that map.

3. Totals: The Totals market is popular in eSports like FIFA, with the Over/Under goal market a favorite choice with sports bettors. Totals are also available for video games, including total maps and total kills markets to wager on. For example, if the bookie believes it will be a longer game, they may offer low 1.5 odds for over 2.5 maps. There are also alternative total lines, that offer big odds for lots of action.

4. Handicaps: eSports handicap betting markets allow fans to bet on different outcomes with an advantage or disadvantage. For example, the CS:GO team ODDIK is paying 2.25 for a -1.5 handicap. This means if they win by more than 2 points, the wager will be successful. Betting sites offer handicaps with alternative lines, allowing punters to place strategic bets with low and high odds.

5. Race To: Traditional and eSports betting sites offer some fun options in their Race To markets. They offer odds on which team will be the first to complete a task within a game, for example, the first team to reach 20 points. Some popular First To Markets for League of Legends include First To Draw Blood, Slay The Dragon, Slay The Baron, Destroy the Inhibitor, and First to Destroy Tower.

eSport Betting Tips to Pick Winners

To successfully bet on eSports, it’s important to treat it with respect. Many use card game betting strategies to learn new techniques and improve their chances. People should never just bet on random outcomes and hope to get lucky. Anyone interested in picking winners can follow some of our tips for chances at picking eSports winners.

The most important tip is to do your own research. Whenever a match is taking place, it’s between two teams that usually have some history. There are websites like escharts.com that display helpful information like previous matches, audience data and recent team performance, competition results and winnings. This data can help sports bettors make better decisions on which eSports team they think will be the winner.

Another important tip that applies to all styles of sports betting is to learn to set and manage a bankroll. It’s good practice to set aside a specific amount that you can afford to lose, as there is always risk involved.

By setting aside a dedicated amount, customers can bet without emotion affecting their decision. If they manage their stake sizes and bet less than 3% of their bankroll on each wager, they can place more bets, withstand variance, and have a better chance of picking winners in the long run.

Live betting on eSports presents many opportunities to take advantage of game incidents and moving odds. As these matches play out, the odds fluctuate. For example, if the favorite team is losing, the bookie may up the odds and offer 3-1 for the comeback. People who use sports betting strategy to pick winners love using live bets to get the best odds possible and find more winners.


Betting on eSports is the same as normal sports betting. The betting process, market options, and odds are similar. The main difference is that the matches are played in a virtual environment. By following basic sports betting tips, researching the teams, and managing bet sizes and their bankroll, punters can have fun and potentially make money betting on eSports this year.