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Ashley Judd, a former actress and United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, had a terrible leg injury while working on bonobo conservation in the Republic of Congo in 2021.

What happened to Ashley Judd?

Ashley Judd experienced a terrible mishap while traveling to the Republic of Congo for bonobo conservation work with the research facility at Kokolopori. She almost lost her leg in the incident.

Judd tripped over a downed tree and broke her leg in four places. She is still receiving intensive treatment in a South African hospital.

It took over 55 hours to transport the actress to the hospital for surgery since she was stuck in a far-off area of the rainforest.

She had to initially wait for a rescue squad for five hours while lying in excruciating pain on the woodland floor.

One of the men that showed up to assist Ashley Judd and bring her out of the rainforest is believed to be Dr. Martin Surbeck. Additionally, Dr. Surbeck and Ashley Judd have collaborated at the Kokolopori bonobo research facility.

Who is Dr Martin Surbeck?

Since 2019, Martin Surbeck has served as an assistant professor in the human evolutionary biology division at Harvard University.

At first, he attended the University of Zurich and the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore to learn the fundamentals of biology and zoology. The Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology awarded Surbeck a PhD in 2011.

With a focus on the social structure of bonobos, Dr. Martin Surbeck’s research analyzes competition and cooperation between groups like chimpanzees and bonobos.

The Bonobo Conservation Initiative and Dr. Surbeck are in charge of the Kokolopori bonobo research facility.

Are Martin Surbeck and Ashley Judd dating?

There are rumors that Martin Surbeeck, a professor, and Ashley Judd are dating. Up until recently, they had kept their relationship a secret. Judd observes Martin pursuing her while wounded in the bush on August 29, 2021. Additionally, they met during a Red Sox game in 2021.