Meaning of “Feathered Indians” Song by Tyler Childers

Ruby McKenzie
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The musical compilation of Childers, namely Purgatory, featured a particular melody upon its initial release in 2017. Nevertheless, certain enthusiasts remain inquisitive regarding the genesis and significance of the aforementioned tune.

Given the recent surge in popularity of the song on Twitter, it would be prudent to conduct a more thorough analysis of its lyrical content.

The Meaning of Tyler Childers’ “Feathered Indians”

The portrayal of Tyler and a former acquaintance as Feathered Indians connotes a fervent romantic liaison.

As per Sharpens’ interpretation, the nomenclature of the musical composition alludes to the imprints left by Tyler’s belt fastener on his paramour’s upper legs subsequent to a fervent physical interaction. The artisan has previously vended ornamental Feathered Indian belt buckles as a component of his vocational garb and is widely acknowledged for sporting a Red Man Chewing Tobacco Belt.

The lyrical composition of the musical piece is as follows;

Well my buckle makes impressions
On the inside of her thigh
There are little feathered Indians
Where we tussled through the night

One of the songs had the guitarist singing, “If I’d known she was religious, then I wouldn’t have come stoned. Too f***ed up to get back home, I went to the house of such an angel.

Tyler continues, “She asked ain’t anyone informed ya, that these things are harmful to you,” as he and his spiritual partner are “gazing over West Virginia, smoking spirits on the roof.”

Many of the fans just can’t seem to let the topic of feathered Indians making wakes on Twitter go.

A Twitter user wrote, “Something about Feathered Indians always takes me back to a joyful place in my life.”

Another person added, “One of my current favorite songs is Feathered Indians.

“I absolutely enjoy Tyler Childers’ Feathered Indians,” a third supporter chimed in. When I need to recenter for any reason, it’s my “go-to.”

Meaning of the Chorus

The Chorus of the song goes;

Hold me close my dear

Sing your whispering song

Softly in my ear

And I will sing along

Honey tell me how your love runs true

And how I can always count on you

To be there when the bullets fly

I’d run across the river just to hold you tonight

What does the chorus mean? The romantic component of Tyler’s relationship with his spiritual partner is portrayed by the chorus of Feathered Indians throughout the song. In this part of the song, the singer is pleading with the person he loves to take him in her arms and gently croon a sweet tune into his ear. He gives his word that he will accompany her in singing and will keep her company. This exemplifies Tyler’s determination to go above and beyond in his pursuit of winning her love and trust for the rest of their lives.

The vocalist proceeds to interrogate the paramour regarding the profundity of her affection towards him. He desires her solemn vow to remain steadfastly at his side, come what may. The gentleman harbors a sense of inquisitiveness regarding the prospect of his companion’s ability to shield him from the metaphorical ammunition of life’s challenges while simultaneously maintaining her affection towards him. Subsequently, he concedes that he would engage in a feat of extraordinary physical prowess, namely running atop the surface of a body of water, if it would result in the opportunity to grasp her hand in companionship this evening.

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