Miguel Cazarez Mora Age: How old is Miguel Cazarez Mora?

Miguel Cazarez Mora age, height, career, birthday

Young American film actor Miguel Cazarez Mora, better known by his stage name Mickey, rose to prominence with the global release of the ghostly horror movie Black Phone. Mickey is also the name he goes by in real life. In addition to that, he is a model, and he also makes his living by publishing his images and videos on the websites TikTok and Instagram.

Who is Miguel Cazarez Mora?

Miguel Cazares Mora, who got his start in the film industry when he was still a child, rose to prominence in a relatively short amount of time. The young movie star, who is only 15 years old, has quickly garnered the support of thousands upon thousands of moviegoers.

The young actor has only been in one movie so far, which was the thriller “Black Phone,” which hit theaters the previous year. He portrayed the part of Robin, one of the main character’s pals, 13-year-old Finny Blake, who was kidnapped by a serial child maniac, in the movie. Robin was one of the buddies who was taken.

The Saturn Award for best horror picture went to the mystifying movie that was made with the participation of numerous children between the ages of 13 and 14. The majority of evaluations that film critics have provided for this picture have been good. Despite his enormous popularity on social networks, Miguel does not want to give up his job as a film actor at any point in the near future.

Miguel Casares Mora is a very handsome young man who stands at a height of around 5 feet 8 inches and has dark brown eyes and beautiful black hair. He uses his appearance as a means of actively promoting his name in the area of the internet.

His writings have been appearing in print on a consistent basis ever since the beginning of the previous year. On May 9, 2021, Miguel shared an old photo of himself with his mother that was taken when he was a child.

On his official Instagram account, which is miguelcazarezmora, he posts images that range from professional performances at events to selfies as well as photos from the production of his lone film. He has gathered 1.1 million subscribers to his mailing list.

What is the age of Miguel Cazares Mora?

Miguel Cazarez Mora’s birthday is March 1st, 2007, which means that he is 16 years old in the year 2023.

His age history

2024He will be 17

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